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Prayer to Saint Peter the Apostle

Saint Peter the Apostle

And if by praying we find ourselves and discover that there is a beautiful light behind so much darkness...

Why not do it every day? Why not dedicate a space of our time to reflect and give way to self-awareness of our actions and thoughts?

You pray in good times to give thanks and in bad times to ask for protection and help.

Sometimes asking for a sign we do not feel reciprocated, and on the contrary we drown in a great emptiness of sadness and despair, but if we have faith nothing can bend us.

In prayer we will understand that absolutely everything happens for a special reason, time, life and our saints will give us the answer in due time.

May this prayer help us all to take that small step, to pray, thank and trust.

Prayer to the mighty Saint Peter the Apostle:


Glorious Saint Peter!

Prince of the church and of the Apostles, whose headquarters you established in Rome and near the throne of Caesars, fighting the error and impiety of the most Gentile who dominated the world, confusing the impiety of Simon the magician in the sight of an immense people, in the presence of the emperor Nero himself, making the name of Jesus Christ triumph; make us the number of those who, believing in the true God, do not heed the advice of the devil, nor allow themselves to be surprised by his stalks, but rather putting all our trust in God and imitating all your faith, your Charity and your immense virtue , we deserve bliss.


? It is recommended to use a magisterial detente San Pedro during the recitation of this prayer.

May this powerful and effective Prayer to Saint Peter the Apostle bring us protection and clarity in our ideas, but above all a lot of health and bliss so that we can achieve our mission and destiny in life.

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