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Saint Adelaide and Saint Modesto: The Saints who are asked at the same time

Prayer to Saint Adelaide

Saint Adelaide was a faithful devotee of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

During her earthly life, she carried out important projects within the Catholic faith in search of improving the lives of many families that under her philanthropic actions she welcomed by providing love, care and material goods.

Adelaida always trusted in the will of God above all things and people, a precept that served as a foundation so that at the hour of martyrdom her faith would act as a protective shield against the evils that plagued her.

After receiving the help of her second husband, Saint Adelaide dedicated herself to building numerous temples giving access to the faith to low-income people.

One of Adelaide's main missions was to unify estranged couples and families, so that in this way love would sprout, occupying the place it deserved to have in the lives of human beings.

  • The feast of Saint Adelaide It is celebrated every year on December 16.

Saint Modesto the holy restorer of faith

San Modesto is the saint known as the restorer, because in charge of his person was the reconstruction of some churches that were devastated by the passage of the war.

Some time later and due to his own merits, Saint Modesto became Archbishop, from where he continued his Christian work.

  • Its saints are celebrated every year on December 18.

Why are Saint Adelaide and Saint Modesto prayed together?

Saint Adelaide and Saint Modest are two saints who are united in the Christian faith, they are prayed together to unify forces and perform miracles and work of charity and love of neighbor.

  • Both celebrate their saints in December and they fulfill the gift of restoring the broken and making forgotten feelings and values ​​sprout, hence the reason for their union.

Prayer for the intercession of Saint Adelaide and Saint Modesto

Lord, you have made your creation a reflection of your beauty and goodness, to the man in your image and likeness, whom you put as a model to Saint Modesto to venerate him because you work miracles through his intercession when we ask him.

Therefore, through your servo Saint Modesto, we ask you to grant us to be restorers of faith and of the modern church so that your children reciprocate your love, we ask you to give us the perseverance of faith, which he taught with his word and way of example. Amen.

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