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Prayer to Santa Barbara to ask for a person

Santa Barbara

Saint Barbara, woman of faith, pray for us!

The good devotee of Santa Barbara:

  • He stands firm in the faith without hiding it, even if it costs him sacrifices.
  • It does not do, nor does it desire, or prepares ill or harm to anyone, not even the worst enemy, but goes through life doing good to everyone.
  • He always tells the truth, even if it hurts him.
  • He prays at all times, asking God for help in need and thanking him in prosperity.
  • He seeks to prepare himself to renew his strength and work for his own good, that of his family and that of all his peers.

Prayer to the blessed Saint:

Lord, we ask you through the intercession of Saint Barbara, model of trust in God, that our life be full of Christian faith, that we live with peace and joy like her, and that we dedicate ourselves to doing good in the midst of our family, neighbors and friends.

I especially want to ask you for _________ (mention the person's name) and thank you for the good things you have done for me and mine during our lives.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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