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Prayer to Saint Cecilia to find the path of love and happiness

Prayer to Saint Cecilia for love

Santa Cecilia the woman who communicated with God through music leaves a message of peace in our hearts to:

  • Soothe the misfortune of the loss of a great love or
  • build in our hearts the beginning of a new romance.

The protector of love and messenger of God

The saint of fine arts will touch our spirit only if we open ourselves to her to confess the amount of our faith and the strength of our desires.

This beautiful saint with soft melodies goes to the call of the desperate to give peace to her soul, hence the popular belief that music is capable of appeasing hearts.

This gives him the power of prayer so that the religious take refuge in it and through its verses guide his way to the correct altar.

Cecilia assured that love was known when surrendering to God

Cecilia in life told people that she was protected by an angel with whom she kept a secret pact, a pact that was moved by love, the purest and nobler feeling that has flourished on earth.

This explained to her listeners that they would only meet the angel after receiving baptism, these curious people gave themselves to God just to find in him the love they lacked.

Love is about delivery, because without sacrifice you cannot know the value of the moments, the things and the people that surround us.

It is moved by that feeling that we give the most of ourselves and reciprocally receive from the other person what has been delivered.

Following this cycle, families, friendships and projects that we started are built and that with love must see their end only to become bigger companies.

Miraculous prayer to Saint Cecilia for love

Dear Saint Cecilia, Roman noblewoman and martyr of the Church, give me your blessing so that I can experience the purest and most beautiful feeling that God created for his children.

Sow good feelings around me and give me the necessary hope to overcome the darkness that does not allow me to be happy.

Show me the right way to meet the person God wants me to share the rest of my life with and I promise to thank you every day.

Most Holy Lady of Rome, let love and happiness guide my path.

Cover me with your sacred mantle so that resentments never take possession of my heart.


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