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3 Rogatives to Saint Cecilia: The martyr who loved God from music

Prayer to Saint Cecilia

On November 22, the house of God is decked out to fervently receive the saints of Cecilia, patron saint of:

  • The musicians,
  • the composers and
  • artists in general.

The Catholic saint who invoked God through the use of musical instruments comes into our lives so that we know that faith does not have to be shown in silence nor that praising God has to be something stereotyped, because her love for man is so great it does not need labels to be professed.

Meet these beautiful prayers to the Saint:

The prayer to Saint Cecilia helps us to know the faith, let's take advantage of this day to ask for special favors.

1. Prayer to Saint Cecilia to request a change Pray for us!

His mouth was opened to give lessons in wisdom and the law of goodness is in his soul.

Her husband arose and showered her with praise.

To whom more surely than you, kind Cecilia, were these words addressed?

The candor and wisdom of your words transformed your husband in an instant.

As soon as he breathed the soft perfume of your innocence, you won him over to the faith of Jesus Christ and he became a martyr.

Today your power is even greater.

Pray then to God so that, by imitating your virtues, we may also achieve the good fortune of the chosen ones. Amen.

2. Prayer to Saint Cecilia Virgin and Martyr to intercede for us

Glorious virgin and martyr Saint Cecilia, model of the most faithful wife of Jesus, see me here humbly prostrate before your plants, I am a poor sinner who I come to implore your powerful intercession before Jesus whom you loved so much, begging you to get me a true repentance of my sins , an effective purpose of amendment and a heroic strength to confess and defend the faith that I have professed.

Grant me the grace to live and die in this holy faith, as well as the special graces I need to live holy in my state.

Hear and reach out to me my prayers, oh most holy virgin, so that I deserve to enjoy a day of eternal bliss. So be it. Amen.

3. Powerful prayer to Saint Cecilia

Our Lord and our God, you have chosen Saint Cecilia for you from her most tender years.

She loved God, her fellow men, her family until she gave all her possessions to the poor. From his image he shows us a route.

It is a shining beacon on the cliffs of the world.

She shows us young, beautiful, rich and healthy. He exhibits courage, character, robustness of the soul until he gives his life.

We want to learn from her that faith and that courage to live our Christianity without giving up.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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