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Prayer to Eduviges to get out of debt, the Patroness of the indebted

Prayer to Saint Eduviges to get out of debt

Queen Hedwig she was married with only twelve years to occupy the crown of Poland and Hungary with her husband Vladislao II of Poland.

This, who was a descendant of Louis I, always carried in her heart the Catholic doctrines, the precepts being impregnated in her soul:

  • Of the love of neighbor,
  • protection of the homeless and
  • the poor in debt.

Eduviges was considered by the religious people as a Hungarian and Polish saint, since in both regions she exercised charity.

She is the patron saint of the queens and of Federal Europe because through her figure and name the unification of the peoples faced by conflicts of wealth and territories was carried out.

Santa Eduviges was also named as protector of the orphans to whom she made important donations and built centers for their care.

Her work with the homeless placed her in the heart of the most humble sector of the kingdom

  • His holiday It takes place on July 17 every year, a festival that is inaugurated with the pilgrimage of his image.
  • Attributes with which Saint Hedwig is identified in the Catholic Church are the Crown and the Scepter.

Prayer to Saint Eduviges to solve debts and solve financial problems

Oh glorious Saint Eduviges, you who are, were and will be the support and relief of the indebted and who today receive the eternal prize from the Lord, today I ask you to be my lawyer so that I can respect my financial commitments and clear my name of all debt and all pending matter with the help of God.

Tender and faithful lover of Mary Most Holy, give me your help in these needs that afflict me so much today, because I lack the financial means to get out of debt, straits, I need to have more income to be able to pay everything that is pending, so I ask you to intercede for me before the Lord, sending him my request (make the request to get out of debt)

Blessed Santa Eduviges, you are my only hope, therefore, I ask you not to abandon me in these difficult times and give me your sacred material and spiritual benefit, I only want to imitate your example of humility and service to those most in need when I have the necessary resources.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reigns, for ever and ever centuries. Amen.

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