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Prayer to Saint Mary Salome to beg difficult favors and requests

Prayer to Saint Mary Salome

Mary Salome She was in life an important and devoted disciple of Jesus of Nazareth, from whom she took multiple values ​​and knowledge that over the years led her to understand that a better world was not possible while slavery and selfishness reigned in him.

According to the sacred scriptures, Salomé was the mother of two of the twelve apostles, being in turn sister of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ and therefore her aunt.

When is Santa María Salomé celebrated?

She was considered a saint by the Catholic Church, an institution that established that her saints be celebrated on October 22.

How does this Santa protect us?

Santa María Salomé is visited for consolation, she is a receptive saint and through prayer she is asked for help to obtain favors that are difficult to grant.

  • This saint protects the poor, elderly and disadvantaged,
  • watches over the homeless and
  • for those who are dying in prisons and hospitals.

Salomé carries with constriction before God the messages of love and repentance of her children, interceding for them in the presence of the creator.  

Prayer to Santa María Salomé to listen to our special request

Chosen of the Lord as a follower of Christ, happy are you who have seen the Savior face to face.

Saint Mary Salome intercede before him for us sinners and give us consolation and favors.

If many are called among lost men, few are chosen to be predestined.

You were one of those named for such high favor. You consoled the mother of Jesus crucified, the mother of the incarnate only begotten of the father.

In the tremendous moment, on that dark day, you helped Mary while her son was dying, Saint Mary Salome intercede before him for us sinners and give us consolation and favors.

You with Magdalena went with great feeling to anoint with precious ointment the dead divine body, the remains of the man God.

Blessed are those who on earth kissed God on the feet, you had that fortune and now that you are in heaven and that you see him face to face, convey our sorrows to them.

Intercede for us to obtain the help that gives us relief and consolation to obtain a solution and your divine protection.

Grant me this favor that with great devotion I give you trusting that with your divine power you will go up to God until you have granted it and I will be grateful for the rest of my years (make the request that is desired) Amen.

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