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Sara Kali, Saint Gypsy of the desperate and intercessor of Love

Prayer to Saint Sara Kali for love

Santa Sara Kali is the patron saint of the gypsy people to whom he offers his blessings and his protection.

This deity played a fundamental role in the flight of the disciples of Jesus from Nazareth after his death, this led them to a safe destination keeping them protected with his magical gifts.

The Saint who dives into the sea

Thousands of people attend the pilgrimage to Santa Sara de Kali every year, who escort the figure of the gypsy woman to immerse her in the sea.

Families take this opportunity to touch the water and bless themselves, through this act of faith where the protection and health of the family are sought thanks to the intercession of the miraculous Sara.

How does the gypsy Kali of love help us?

Sara Kali is the faithful protector of love, this saint fosters impossible unions.

Their help can be invoked through the prayer that we offer below, so that, if it is their destiny, the person you love will come to you without distraction or impediment.

Prayer to Saint Sara Kali to achieve love and fall in love with me

Prayer of the gypsy people, for the gypsy people and of Santa Sara de Kali, powerful by their magic, I come to ask you to bring (mention the name of the person you want to attract) totally in love with me (mention the name of the person who is want to attract).

Wherever he is now and whoever he is with, may my image enter his thoughts, making him feel a great and irresistible nostalgia for being with me (mention the name of the person you wish to attract), may he not relax while searching and the desire to belong only to me.

I ask Santa Sara Kali for love and the gypsy spirits, the emerald gypsies, the seven-skirted Roma, gray gypsy, Sarah gypsy, Higor gypsy, Juan gypsy, Murilo gypsy, to bring (mention the name of the person you want to attract ) completely in love with me.

Faithful all meek, very affectionate, like a lamb to me, help me in everything wishing to make me happy, realizing all my true wishes, declaring and assuming the love you feel for me, tender, give me everything I want.

And doing everything that has not yet done everything I want, to get away (mention the name of the person you want to attract) from any other person who comes or wants to take my place.

And that (mention the name of the person you want to attract) only have eyes and thoughts for me, that (mention the name of the person you want to attract) feel love only for me, I believe in the strength of the gypsy people.

Rituals on behalf of gypsy women and others to attract love:

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