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The Prayer to Shango that brings Justice, Attraction of the Iré and Good Luck

Prayer to Shango attraction and good luck

To my father Shango, protector of justice, I ask him to intercede for me with the blessing of the greatest creator, Obatala!

Let him listen to my words, let my heart listen for the love of Orunmila.

I ask my father Shango for his divine mercy and protection for me.

My father Shango, I ask him to be worthy of taking in my life, his protection, his benevolence and his strength.

Father Shango, I ask you to open paths and that I can see in my soul, the imperfections that do not allow me to see the divine light of the Creator.

May my body and spirit be healed by your divine teachings. For my true faith and devotion.

Hear my words and may it be worthy of your forgiveness.

When we ask Shango from the heart with this prayer, our hopes grow and faith in us grows, it makes us grateful and blessed.

And it is that Shango in the yoruba pantheon He is a king who does not fear, his steps as a warrior fall firmly and he provides with strength the help that men on earth need.

The prayers to Shangó we can accompanyañathem with red or white candles, and with your favorite offerings, such as foods, fruits, flowers, and dark drinks such as red wine.

  • In the end we shared some very beautiful offerings on behalf of the orisha of fire.

May justice and protection come to Shango with this prayer. So be it!

When we invoke Shango, we immediately think of the justice that this great orisha can give us, since it is one of his most powerful qualities.

This prayer that we share is very strong and helps us to invoke the energy of Shango.

When the roads are closed and we need to have the doors open in life, we can undoubtedly count on the protection of the justice of the Orisha Shango, the Kawosile.

Put a lot of faith in this prayer and you will see how little by little your whole life is being organized, bringing love, good energy (I will go), attraction of all that is good, luck, abundance and a lot of health.

Mighty Shango, Father, companion and guide, Lord of balance and justice, helper of the Law of Karma.

Only you have the right to accompanyañar, for eternity, all the causes, all the defenses, accusations and elections caused by disorder, actions of the pure and beneficial acts that we practice.

Lord of great strength and firmness, symbol and seat of your planetary performance in the physical, astral and mental.

Sovereign Lord of balance and equity, watch over the integrity of our character.

Help us with your prudence. Defend us from our perversions, ingratitude, antipathies, falsehood, debauchery and undue judgment, from the actions of our brothers in humanity.

You alone are the great judge. Kawosile Shango!

When venerating Shango with his prayers we can offer him some elements:

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