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How to ask a favor to the King of Fire Shango? We pray for strength and faith

Prayer to Shango to ask for a favor

Shango, the God of thunder and lightning, one of the most revered and adored Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon, he can bless us with his favor in many matters of life.

We can ask him for help to solve dissimilar situations related to love, protection, money, and health.

He is also the Orisha of justice, dance, and manhood. It is the inner strength, the joy, all the energy of the body and the joy of life.

Shango is a warrior and leader, a main deity who is identified with drums, music and dance.

En the Santeria or Rule of Osha, Shango represents spiritual communication, wisdom and intelligence, his power is immense like the universe.

In life, his reign is said to have belonged to Dynasty Number XNUMX of Oduduwá, after Katonga was destroyed. Shango came to reign when people had forgotten the knowledge of God.

Thus, his role was to heal and cleanse society.

How to invoke and pray for the blessing of Shango?

Let us remember that when asking Shangó a favor, we must take into account the offerings that the God of fire likes..

Shango adores offerings such as:

  • The fruits like mamey, green bananas, red apples,
  • other foods like cornmeal, okra, pumpkin,
  • drinks like red wine,
  • they immolate him roosters, guinea fowls, pigeons, among other animals.

These offerings are usually located on an altar built in a quiet part of the house, dedicated to the worship of the deity (at the end of the article we leave some offerings for Shango).

His devotees adorn his altar with the red and white colors, representative of Shango, and with symbols and attributes referring to him, as well as flowers such as red roses, and white and red candles.

Although we can also place his offerings in a space dedicated to him without having to mount a throne with elements. We can even venerate it in nature, in the bush or forest.

Requests that we can make:

Many people ask Shango for help when:

  • They have problems with love, especially when we lack the courage to solve the issue.
  • Strength is needed to move forward, especially when a case of justice and protection is required.
  • We are affected by health, lack of love, abundance problems, closed roads and obstacles that limit us to continue.

Prayer to Shango to ask a favor!Request the king's help!

To pray to Shango asking for his favor, we must do so with respect and humility, requesting justice and the protection of the deity.

Shangó symbolizes the justice of Olodumare and punishes the unjust, the one who steals, the one who lies and cheats.aña.

That is why we must never go to this God with dishonest intentions, because we run the risk of suffering his anger.

Let us ask for the good, that he takes care of divine justice.

  • With this prayer we ask a favor of the Lord of Thunder

Oh mighty Chango,

Remember, it has never been said that none of those who turned to you, none of those who invoke your protection, begged for your help, were abandoned by you.

Today I am addressing you, mighty Chango! to request progress for me, my happiness, the attraction of all good things and of what is called to me, so that they can give it to me through their listening before God.

Mister! My father: Watch me! (make your request and ask for your favor with great faith)

Protect me and keep my enemies' bad thoughts, bad moods and bad vibes out of my way, and please provide me with all joy, health and prosperity.

Remember that I am your child and that you are the owner of my house. Blessed are you, Lord, so be it.

Learn more about Shango and the offerings he likes:

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