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Prayer to Shangó god of thunder, to ask for peace and protection on earth

Prayer to Shangó peace

Seek the protection of the King of Thunder, the great Shangó, king of Yoruba Pantheon, is always necessary to avoid dangers, trips, obstacles and problems.

In these difficult times that humanity is going through, the children and followers of Shangó direct prayers and prayers to him to avoid the consequences of wars, to ask for his protection in the face of the challenges he embodies.

We Cubans ask the Lord of Fire, Thunder and Music, in syncretism with Santa Bárbara, Virgen del Rayo, powerful protector of all those who go to war.

Santa Bárbara, patron saint of the artillery weapon, watches over the soldiers who cross the battlefield every day. We also pray to her for the end of conflicts and confrontations.

To the great Orisha of war we dedicate prayers for peace

Changó commands battles, conflicts and wars, he is the deity that brings victory and manages to overcome the worst obstacles, he is a great leader who opens the paths in the midst of adversity.

And it is that Shangó is a warrior Osha, recognized as one of the kings in the Yoruba Religion and one of the most popular and adored Orishas.

It represents the joy of living and the intensity of life, but also for believers it is a powerful father to whom they cling for protection and for the strength and wisdom to face obstacles and adversity.

Shangó and Santa Bárbara are united by a cult of protection, of devotees who seek bravery, courage and wisdom.

His followers also ask for lightning protection against any danger or evil that lies in wait for them.

Offerings and traditions in the name of this deity yoruba

To pray to the God of Thunder, we must know that:

  • He likes strong, spicy or well-seasoned foods.
  • He loves bananas and apples (specifically red).
  • One of his favorite dishes is cooked cornmeal placed in various presentations.
  • He likes his food to be accompaniedañatwo with red wine.

If we can, let's not forget to light a red or white candle to Shangó when praying, to illuminate our prayer and ask for his protection.

Likewise, we can decorate your altar with red roses, your favorite color, an offering that the Orisha will appreciate.

A prayer to the King of war Shangó, to ask him for peace and help

  • This is how we pray to Shangó to ask for peace and protection

Lord of Thunder, powerful Shangó, exceptional father of all your devotees

I come to ask you today for all your children, I come to request your immense protection for all, I come to implore you to take away the evils

In these difficult times that humanity is going through, I ask you, Lord of Fire, to protect and care for us, to light the way back to peace.

From your immense wisdom Shangó, endow your children and faithful, so that they know how to build a new, better and peaceful world.

Help us to end wars and disparate confrontations, give us the strength and courage to sow peace

Thank you, Shangó, I know that my words will be heard and that you will not abandon your children in these times of need.

So be it

We share some powerful works with the Orisha Shangó

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