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Prayer to Yemayá in Yoruba translated to greet and thank her

Prayer to Yemayá in Yoruba

In September, thousands of believers who worship the blue goddess Yemayá flock to the beaches, coasts and river mouths to venerate the mother Orisha.

In Cuba and many other parts of the world, his day is celebrated on September 7 Along with the power of the Virgen de Regla, patron saint of the Bay of Havana and the municipality that bears her name, because in the religion of the Osha Rule (Santería) it has been syncretized in this way.

As many Cuban religious celebrate this day to the Virgin of Regla, faith and veneration expands from churches to Yoruba temple houses, and between lit candles, flowers and offerings in the sea, a powerful energy of blessings and the power of beloved mothers.

We are grateful that this year we are more relaxed to celebrate the holy orisha, since previous years were unique occasions, since the social isolation imposed to stop the spread of the coronavirus limited ceremonies and parties in which many people congregated.

For this reason, this year's celebrations for the little virgin and the water goddess must be special, full of gratitude, and love for giving us infinite blessings, and above all health and faith to move forward and be present this new day.

What can we give Yemayá along with this prayer?

We have to know that The really important it is to deliver our offer with love and great humility, no matter what we give her, she, like a mother, will receive it with great sweetness.

Some examples and tips that I can offer to give you some ideas are:

  • Dedicate a few words, a song, a thought, a sincere letter of gratitude.
  • A homemade wick, a white or blue candle that is your favorite color.
  • A flower from your garden, or your favorite, which is a white rose.
  • Take a little honey to its waters and from there talk to it.
  • A fruit like watermelon or grapes that you love, or a dessert, for example coconut.
  • A gift from nature such as a snail from the sea or a stone that you have chosen on the coast with her in mind.

Remember, the important thing is the intention, the detail, the love you put into it.

For example, when offerings are made to Yemayá in the form of flowers, we can throw them into the water, mainly on the beaches or coasts, which is where the Yoruba goddess lives.

Yemayá is very flirtatious, and as a good mother she knows how to listen, connect with her energy near her waters, put her feet on the shore, or play with the sea water, and if the ocean is not nearby, choose a beautiful place in the nature or in your home, and with this prayer connect with its essence and power, it lives in your heart.

Prayer in Yoruba dedicated to the beautiful Yemayá

"Yemaya Orisha Obunrin dudu,

Kuelú re meye abaya ni re oyu,

Ayaba awó gba okí me,

Iyá oga ni gbogbo okuo,

Yeye Omo eya,

Lojunoyina ni re ta gbogbo,

Akun nini iwo ni re olowo,

“Nitosi re Omó terriba, Adukue Iyá Mí”

Translation of the prayer to Yemayá from Yoruba to Spanish:

"Oh my holy black woman,

You who have seven stripes on your face,

My Divine Queen, I salute you,

Mother who owns all the seas,

Mother of the children of the fish,

You who in the distance have your throne,

You who live under all the seas,

And you have in them your riches,

What do you offer to your obedient children, Thank you, my mother.”

We share more interesting facts about Yemayá:

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