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Powerful «prayer to Yemayá» to open roads and make 1 request

Prayer to Yemayá to open roads

Yemayá, the Mother of the Waters, the greater Orisha, representative of life and the mysteries of the blue depths. We always look for her on the seashore, to feel her presence and always have her blessing.

Yemayá is the Mother of creation. Considered as the mother of all the orishas and represents the sea, the fundamental source of life.

On land she is hardworking and likes to hunt, hack, handle the machete. She is indomitable, cunning and righteous. It always requires that its children be worthy of its protection, and therefore it is a fierce beast when injustices are committed against them.

His name should not be spoken in vain, it should always be invoked with great respect.

Yemayá means IYA MO ELLA and is translated as Mother of the Fishes and it is told in the Yoruba religion that she was born with the moon as the white orisha Obatala was born with the sun.

Why pray to the Mother of the Waters Yemaya?

I pray to Yemayá to open roads
We can approach his temple the sea, and from there pray to him

We pray to Yemayá asking for their protection and their blessings to advance safely and confidently on the path of life.

She is a virtuous and wise mother, who fiercely protects her children and devotees from all danger.

To the goddess of the sea, her devotees pray for wisdom, fertility, riches, inspiration, motherhood, strength and wealth.

But they also pray to thank her for her blessings, as she likes their gratitude and the displays of her devotion.

Protective and maternal goddess, Yemayá will always listen to us when we go to look for her in her temple, the sea, and there we speak to her of joys and fears, we ask her for light, guidance and protection and we implore her to always bless us.

Prayer dedicated to Yemayá to ask for his help and protection:

Choose a quiet time to pray, light a blue or white candle, if you can offer him white roses and with great faith and spirituality, dedicate this prayer, always thanking him for his infinite blessings.

This is a prayer to Yemayá to ask for her blessing and to intercede before a special request that we wish to make:

Yemayá, Blessed Mother of the Seas, giver of strength, peace and prosperity.

Protector of the needy and newborns.

Great Orisha, you who are the mother of all the children on earth and represent the source of life, fertility and motherhood.

Merciful Mother, let your sacred waters bathe me and take away all the bad, giving way to love, peace and blessings.

May your currents carry evil, the enemy, injustice, misfortunes, pain and sadness.

As your humble son, I thank you Yemayá, beautiful and wise Goddess, who guide my steps along the path of life and help me achieve my goals.

Queen of the Sea, turn around me and fill me with your intense healing energy, give me the Ashe that I need, the love that my spirit needs, open the ways for me, do not abandon me ... (Make a request)

Heal me, bless me, protect me

Allow me to achieve eternal wisdom and give me strength to make my plans come true.

And so live a full and happy life under your protective mantle

So be it

Some rituals that you can do on behalf of Yemayá:

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