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A Prayer of Thanks to Yemayá for when we visit her at Sea

Prayer to Yemayá to thank

Yemaya, powerful deity of salty waters, fertile womb and mother of all, owner and patroness of all seas and oceans, goddess of great power who belongs to the Seven African Powers as one of the most powerful Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon.

She is capable of opening and dominating many paths and of protecting us, that is why she is considered the mother of all her children on earth.

This Orisha also protects fishermen and sailors and in Cuba her day is celebrated in syncretism with the celebration of the Virgencita de Regla, both equally protective deities with their children and devotees.  

During these festivities, people usually bring him offerings such as fruits and flowers that are placed in baskets in the sea, his natural temple.

Yemayá, the Orisha queen of the seas, is always willing to listen to the prayer of those who come to her to seek health and prosperity at home.

Fundamentally, she likes her devotees to seek her in her temple, the blue waters of the sea.

What do we ask you to the mother of the world from her waters?

We can pray to Yemayá and ask for her intervention in favor of health, abundance, fertility and love.  

You are also asked for your protection for marriages and all kinds of love relationships that can be affected by envy and bad eyes.

We also ask the mother of all for her immense protection against all evil, against enemies, envy, and that she cover our children, our home and family with her mantle so that no negative energy affects them.

Prayer to Yemayá to thank her infinite blessings

For the prayer to Yemayá to be much more effective, it is recommended to go to pray to the sea, so that a spiritual connection with the Orisha is established.

Although no matter where you offer her a prayer, she will always listen to you.

There we must first thank him for all his blessings and the joys that he grants us daily. Only in this way can we feel that its positive energy invades our entire body and, like the same waters, purifies us.

My goddess, mother and lawyer, great Yemayá

Queen of the seas, to you who grant me your valuable protection and purify me with your waters

You who are guide, protector, comfort and encouragement during the storms of my life on earth

I come today to thank you, Mother, from the bottom of my heart, for all the blessings that you have brought to my life.

Thank you, My mother Yemayá, powerful Orisha, for allowing me to take refuge in your aura and mantle of burato.

From these blue waters that surround me today I come to thank you for being our guide, our lantern, so that we never lose the safe route that will take us away from the danger of the rough sea

Yemayá, please accept my humble devotion as a symbol of my love and hope, and help me walk along the vital path with a clear mind.

Do not allow my saint, that no negative energy can hinder my activities.

Always cleanse me with these clear waters, so that they take away everything bad that may be destined to harm me or mine

So be mother Yemayá. Ashé

To thank and ask Yemayá you can also make offerings:

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