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I pray that Yemayá intercedes for a difficult cause. I pray to the Mother!

Prayer to Yemayá for difficult cases

Yemayá the mother of all humans She is a warrior orisha.

The owner of the salt water is a saint with a strong character and a big heart who helps the afflicted in adversity and fiercely punishes people who harm others for no reason.

At the feet of this saint come the religious who wish to cross the sea and embark on new paths, others are moved by dreams, while others invoke her protection to overcome the disease.

To resolve difficult causes, the goddess who is a lawyer in the land of humans goes to Yemayá, interceding with Orula to free men from the osogbos that appear at their destination.

Powerful prayer to Yemayá to solve difficult cases

Through prayer to solve difficult causes, man goes to the sea to pray to Yemayá accompaniedañado of:

  • A bouquet of red roses and
  • two white candles.

Adored goddess Yemayá the strongest of the Orishas,

Today I come before you as a sign of my fervor and respect

My dear Yemayá I pray to you today with devotion,

Goddess of the seas and oceans,

Yours are my joys and sufferings,

Owner and mistress of the salt water and the reef,

There are no impossibilities before your immense power,

And your inexhaustible mercy multiplies,

I implore you understanding before my doubts,

And patience to make me understand about the earth

You who are my mother and the mother of the world,

Today I come before you to beg your intercession,

I ask you to help me solve the problem that afflicts me,

Protect my life with your holy mantle,

Like the most beautiful of Virgins that covers her child,

Give me the will to move on and not give up

And to be able to get up if I fall on the road,

Don't let me waver despite adversity

Put your hand so that I can overcome this difficult cause,

No one can guide my steps like your African queen,

Please don't let me take a wrong step

Keep away from me all those who wish to harm me,

I offer you my love and devotion in return,

And I know with faith that you will heed my call.

Calm the evils that rage against me and my family

And make me find in your lap the peace I need to be happy.

We share some very beautiful and powerful offerings for Yemayá:

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