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Prayer to Yemayá to ask for her protection and to thank Very powerful!

Prayer to Yemayá

With this powerful prayer to Yemayá, the mother of the world of the Yoruba pantheon You will be able to ask her from the heart for what you need, alleviate your anguish and find strength in your life close to her.

Yemaya: The mother and Goddess of the sea we invoke you with this prayer

Yemayá, you who are the feminine Goddess of the great seas of the world, and your dance imitates the movement of the sea and the waves, and you are the great mother Queen of all your children on earth, listen to us!

Your beauty is majestic like the blue sea, you rule the secrets of the salty waters where habitayes We found you at the bottom of the sea, among the stones and shells, from there you see everything and know everything.

In the blue jar where you live you move like the waters, proud and haughty, with wide hips and the belly of the mother of Gods.

Yemayá, Goddess of the sea, your power is as immense as the energy that your waters emanate, you speak loudly and your voice is felt like a roar against the reefs. The seagulls of the world belong to you, you like the ram, the duck, the majá, and the rooster.

You are a living sea of ​​emotions, you are haughty, you know your power, sometimes rapt, strong and manly, you suffer from changes of character, impetuous, violent and arrogant, but also complacent, protective and adorable with your children.  

Everything that is asked of you from the heart, you grant it, as long as we need it; You know our anguish, you know that we suffer and what we desire, it is enough that we speak at the foot of your waters and let's be honest, I trust that you will give me the right words to get closer to you and that my pleas are heard.

We call you with great respect with your blue painted maraca:

Omío Yemaya Omoloddé! Yemaya Ataramawa!

  • At the end of the article we leave some of the powerful works and rituals what we can do to give our beautiful orisha some offerings.

Prayer to Yemayá translated into Spanish

Prayer of Yemaya goddess of the sea

Queen God of all oceans,

known for the seven stripes on his face that prays to you

Queen Mother of all oceans.

Daughter of the deep blue sea,

where you have your riches and your throne.

I, who am your obedient child,

share with me your formula.

Thanks to my mother.

Translated prayer to thank Yemayá:

Holy black woman,

with its seven rays on its face,

guess queen,

receive our greetings.

Mother owner of all sea,

mother son of fish,

Far away you have your throne under the sea where you have your riches,

for your obedient child.

Thank you, my goodness.

Yemaya's prayer to thank
  • Sentences translated into Spanish They are original requests in the Yoruba language.

Words and their context may lose their meaning in Spanish, but they are very ancient and ancestral prayers, which if you do them with faith and heart will give you very good results in your life.

When we invoke Yemayá we can offer offerings in his name:

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