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Prayer to the Blue Mother Yemayá to ask for peace and wisdom How to pray?

Prayer to Yemayá for peace

In these times of conflict and uncertainty, it is good to spend some time meditating and communicating with the deities, with our spiritual guides, to ask them for faith and wisdom to face current obstacles.

To the great Yemayá, Mother of the world, Orisha powerful protector of all living beings, we come right now, asking for clarity of thought, strength, courage and protection.

Yemayá will always guide and help her children when they ask for it. In return, he should be treated with great respect and shown our love and devotion.

Pray and offer to the Mother Orisha

Yemayá is the Orisha of the Sea, the waves are her temple and the foam her crown. She likes her children to come to the water's edge to show her faith and devotion.

To make her Offerings, her name must be pronounced by touching the ground and then the fingertips are kissed, a symbol of respect towards her.

Among his favorite offerings, the deity of the seas is offered Ochinchin de Yemayá made with shrimp, capers, lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, tomato and chard.

The goddess of the waters worships various offerings:

  • Sweets such as gofio palanquetas with molassesaña,
  • foods such as burnt coconut, black sugar,
  • fruits such as watermelon or watermelon, pineapples, papayas,
  • flowers, among them the black princes, which are deep red roses.

Flowers should always be brought to the Queen of the Seas to adorn her natural temple, the sea.

The offerings for Yemayá must have some white or blue flower, although the important thing is faith. They can be white roses, hydrangeas or jasmine, among other species of flowers.

For peace, a white candle to the Orisha Yemaya

In Yemayá, devotees seek fertility, riches, inspiration, strength, and in these times of war and disease, they implore her for her protection and her wisdom to rid the world of these evils.

To ask him, we must remember to light a white or blue candle, his characteristic color, in order to help us restore peace and tranquility in our home and in the world.

Short prayer dedicated to mother water:

This is how we ask the Orisha of the Seas Yemayá with this Prayer for peace:

Yemaya, loving mother

Queen of the Seas, sovereign of the waters, powerful benefactor of humanity

I come today to beg you with faith, because these moments of uncertainty require your divine intercession,

I ask you to end conflicts, disagreements, wars and curses.

Forgive your children's mistakes and help them overcome these challenges that arise

Calm the suffering of the afflicted, the loneliness of the abandoned and the pain of the sick.

Help, powerful sovereign of the waters, to restore Peace in the world.

Do not allow bad energies to continue to prevail,

Give me the wisdom, Queen, to get ahead in the face of chaos, do not let go of my hand in these dark times

So be it

Beautiful rituals dedicated to the Blue Mother Yemayá:

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