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Prayer to Yewá to ask for his protection and health

Prayer to Yewá

YewaBeloved Goddess, Goddess of anguish, fatal Saint of loneliness, we dedicate this prayer to you:

Invoking you to protect us with your mantle, warding off illnesses and misfortunes.


You who are the shepherd of the wind cloak and walk next to death.

Take care of me mother Yewá!

You are solemn, perfect, of modesty without shadow.

You have a sad mouth and aura, you live in the cemetery where there are only bones, there among the dead, accompaniedañaing your great loneliness. 

Protect me from the dark!

You who pass through the air, who beat among the tombs and tall trees, who graze memories among herbs and crosses, who understand what the wind says:

Protect me, Yewá: from death and calamities!

You who walk slowly, but safe as a snail, who move between bells and hollyhocks, that your fingers are made of wax: Do not abandon us by night or by day!

Virgin of so much walking among ghosts, I turn to you in this desperate moment of health that distresses me, so that you answer my prayer, and give me what I ask from your heart.

Your face is painted white and your lips are bishop color adorned with snails and pink stones, your walk is melancholic, dances among death without shadows.

I, who am your faithful devotee, kneel before such greatness so that you help me to heal and scare all evil from my side.

We invoke you with great respect saying: Maferefun Yewa!

Prayer for the Orisha Yewá translated from Yoruba:

Yewá ri ornase si mi orno iwo taríba nitosi le oni aché ni wo nitosi gba yokodá kosi ano, kosi oto, kos / eyo, kos¡ ikú fumi aikú aladé me odukue

Prayer in Spanish:

See me with pity, my son, obedient, to be able to have your mandate, to receive a good seat, that there is no sickness, that there is no loss that there is no revolution, that there is no death, give me immortality, my princess. Thanks.

Whenever you pray do it with great faith and trust in your Orishas, ​​they will listen to your prayers because they know your anguish and they know what you need. Ask from the heart and it will be delivered to you in the form of a blessing.

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