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A powerful and beautiful prayer dedicated to Aggayú Solá the orisha

Aggayu Solá Prayer

Aggayú you are my strength in weakness, my hope of a mañana better, I cling to you to overcome any obstacle because I know you will not let me fall.

My great volcano may all your power and strength become will to be able to continue my path without fainting, you who represent the majesty of the volcano that releases lava when it wakes up, I implore you for wisdom so as not to unleash the anger that remains dormant inside me, give me head to face adversity with calm and intelligence.

Aggayú Solá lights up with your fire the path I walk so as not to incur irreversible mistakes.

My great Orisha, never allow me to wield a weapon to attack any human being, do not allow anger to cloud my judgment, keep violence, osogbos and candles away from me to prevent me from destroying my own destiny, dominated by impulsiveness.

I implore you Aggayú to bless me with health, because it is the blessing that I most require, I ask you to give me strength to work and honestly earn a living for my home, I beg you to help me fulfill my dreams, my goals and fight to be better human being.

Aggayú you who are a giant, as extensive as the desert and as brave as the raging river, I ask you to help me be great on earth, becoming more human, more understanding in order to achieve greater spiritual and personal development.

Aggayú Solá I ask you to support me with Kawo Silé, to make my wars yours and help me overcome obstacles and difficulties.

My orisha Aggayú with your ax clears my destiny of envy, curses and obstacles that my enemies wish to put in my way.

You, who cover the desert with your voice, guide my voice so that it is always heard and respected and thus worthy of the consideration of my fellow men.

Only you who are the cane of Obatalá and Shangó, be my cane during my journey on the plane of the earth, keep me firm so that my enemies cannot bring me down.

Make me a useful person, an example for my children and a good father.

Aggayú bless my house and keep it protected, bless my relatives and my godchildren and allow your benevolence to spill over them.

My great Orisha yours is my destiny, my home and my heart.

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