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Prayer to the Angel of despair

Angel of despair

In the passage through life, Praying relieves our sorrows, gives us hope, and keeps faith alight. May this prayer help us to remove everything that damages our steps or that damages our soul, heart and spirit.

May our home, our families, friends and loved ones be safe with this powerful prayer that proclaims the intercession of the Angel, to attend to our despair, in which we need health, relief and hope.

I sincerely hope that above all that we can ask for at this time, it reaches us health multiplied for all.

Prayer to the mighty Angel of despair:

Oh Angel of despair!

I would like that in these moments of anguish in which my life is tormented by the false slanders that false material beings could impose on my path driven by envy, resentment and hatred, you separate them from my surroundings with your heavenly sword.

May you not allow my faith in you and in the great power of God, the only one in this world who has the supremacy to crush all evil.

Don't despair me My guardian angel! Listen to me, make all those perverse languages ​​be punished with your power, or allow in my life there to be despair for evil and envious beings.

Demand My angel! that if any business I have on this earth plane is not going to be destroyed by the hands of witch doctors and false advice induced by the hordes of Satan.

Defend me that I owe nothing to this world full of wicked slander. I ask you for the power to free my home and my family from all evil curses and injuries. May all those around you be bañatwo for your power that from these moments runs through my energies diverted by the betrayal of some false.

May Saint Barbara break it with her heavenly sword, Saint Michael free everything bad that I find within my home. And you who put an end to all the insults and slander that are in me and in all my family, may the punishment be the most severe, until he repents, before your great power.


Try to pray this prayer before 12 noon and pour basil water on the door of your house and light a candle to the being that is your protective guide.

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