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Invocation to the Archangel Samuel to ward off envy and overcome grudges

A Prayer to the archangel Samuel

Samuel proper noun, from the Hebrew whose meaning is heard by God, is the name with which one of the seven main Archangels of the kingdom of heaven.

The Archangel Samuel he is perhaps one of the most benevolent souls ever created by the almighty.

What protection does the Archangel samuel?

  • This is in charge of helping to overcome the grudges that separate us from God, even when we consider that it is practically impossible to do so.
  • Samuel intercedes for us and with his divine light shows us the correct path towards the emancipation of the spirit, allowing us to evolve and be better human beings.
  • This protects against jealousy and envy for being feelings contrary to the will of God, so they should not be housed in the hearts of those who were created in his image and likeness.

Samuel helps, protects and unites from Love ...

Samuel is considered the Archangel of love because he protects lovers from all evils and helps them fulfill the desire to start a family.

He is designated by his own merit to attract spiritual riches to those who need them, while supporting people who are lacking in love and self-esteem.

The Archangel Samuel establishes a guide so that reunions between those who are united by the bond of the most fraternal affection are fostered.

So many families help each other in his holiness to intercede for the appearance of people who are mysteriously missing.

¿CóHow do we ask Samuel the Archangel for his intercession?

Its saints are celebrated on August 20 every year, where a pilgrimage takes place around the world in his name.

The churches are filled with flowers and the devotees go to honor her figure and thank her for her miracles.

  • On Tuesday it is the day of the week designated for their worship.

Saint Samuel is invoked early in the morning.añana aided by the use of two candles, which can be of any color, but preferably we recommend that they be orange or pink, as these are the tones that represent it.

Short prayer to invoke the Archangel Samuel

The Prayer to invoke the Archangel Samuel is used primarily in order to ward off bad vibes and envy from your life, to nourish yourself with love, forgiveness and compassion instead.

Beloved Archangel Samuel, I love you and I bless you. And I beg you to keep me sealed in a pillar of pink flame of love and adoration of God until it becomes contagious to all life that I contact today and forever. I thank you. Amen.

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