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The Prayer to the Just Judge to ward off enemies and "if he has eyes, do not see me"

Prayer to the Just Judge to ward off enemies

The prayer to the Just Judge It is the evocation that arose to invoke Almighty God in moments of distress and despair, it is the prayer that must be pronounced with great faith so that it reaches the ears of the creator father.

With this prayer man gets rid of:

  • Negative influence,
  • the enemies,
  • avoids the appearance of legal problems,
  • jail and
  • violence in any of its manifestations.

There are many versions of this prayer, there are even two cataloged by gender to be pronounced one by one. hombres and another for of.

This prayer should take with you since it has the virtue of freeing from envy, bad thoughts and the evil eye.

Despite being a miraculous prayer, it does not offer benefits to those who have acted badly, since the Just Judge is impartial and sentences with the truth, giving everyone what they deserve.

This is the Prayer to the Just Judge for protection from enemies, evils and dangers

Prayer to the Just Judge for enemies

Saint Just Judge, with the mantle of the Holy Trinity let me be wrapped.

Not wounded, not dead, not imprisoned, not captive.

May I be defended with the angels of thirty-three and the cross.

May I be sprinkled with the virgin milk of Mary Most Holy.

With the mantle of the Savior let me be clothed.

If our enemies bring eyes, do not see me; if ears bring, do not me listen; bring mouth, do not speak to me; bring hands do not catch me; bring rope, don't tie me up; Feet bring, do not reach me.

Jesus be with me and I behind him.

Holy Angel of my guardian, likeness of the Lord, for me you were sent, to be my keeper.

I beg you, blessed angel, from your arm and your knowledge, from the bonds of the devil you have defend me, night and day awake and asleep and at all hours.


  • Afterwards, an Our Father and a Hail Mary are said.

Prayer that rid of all evil (Second version)

With two I see you, with three I tie you; with the Father, the Son and the Spirit

Holy, I love you. On Mount Phillies you say was San Juan.

He said he saw his enemies coming.

He told his Righteous Judge, 'here come your enemies.'

'Let them come, that Blood of Christ comes to ask.'

I don't want to give it to you, because it is from the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.

Stop, ferocious animal, lower your beard to the ground, that before you were born, the Redeemer of heaven was born.

I believe in God the Father ... I believe in God the Father ... I believe in God the Father ...

Amen, Jesus.

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