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Prayer to the Dead to Drive away the People who hurt us

Prayer to the dead

The spirit world holds many secrets, which until today we have not been able to decipher.

Secrets that come to us through intuition to guide us on a better path, away from evil and anguish.

From their astral many are the spirits of light that become jealous guardians of our security, they accompany usañan at every step, and whether through dreams, revelations, or intuition, they are able to speak to us and protect us.

For this reason this prayer to the dead is a prayer asking for protection against all evil.

Simple attentions that we can give to the spirits:

These spirits, known as Eggun in Santeria or the Rule of Osha, also need assistance and attention so that their power and energy help us.

E.g., we can put in our house:

  • A glass of cool, clear water in a high place,
  • flowers and candles in his name,
  • And if we know that guiding spirit, either because it was revealed through a spiritual mass or because he is a deceased acquaintance, we add those elements that he liked, such as coffee, brandy, tobacco.

The important thing is to do it with great faith, and offer our offerings to the spirits from the heart.

How can a spirit be asked for its protection? Powerful prayer

Dead, you who are in the cemetery with your body, I call your spirit and tell it: I need the thought of the one who wishes badly for me, that they do not look at me, nor offend me the words that were accumulated on you.

Dead, I eternally desire that I do not lack the wine for my body, the bread to sustain my matter and the blessing of the father for the strength of my soul.

I saw restless spirits and those who do evil to me.

Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, help me in the danger in which he sees me and the tears that you shed for your adored son Jesus Christ, may it be the blood of my body so that the witches and sorcerers do not kill me or see me, that the crown of thorns that They put Jesus Christ to be the cloth that covers my enemies.

The cloths that wrapped Jesus Christ to wrap my soul; Whoever wishes evil for me, let him not cause me; May the sword of Saint Blaise be the defense of my body and that the chains of Saint Michael the Archangel be to bind my enemies.

I see restless spirits and those who do evil to me.

The nails with which they nailed Jesus Christ, one threw him into the sea so that the gulfs and waves would spread over him and dethrone all the evil thoughts that wish to harm me. Amen.

  • We can venerate the spirits or Eggun with some offerings, like this one that we leave below:

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