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Prayers against envy and gossip Let the gossip shut up!

Prayer against envy and gossip

Envy is one of the most negative feelings that one person can profess for another.

Talking behind our backs, betrayal or simply envy, are attitudes that can cause a lot of damage.

To follow the path of faith, we must eliminate envy from our feelings, and rejoice in the triumphs of others.

However, we must know that we ourselves can be victims of other people's envy and bad tongues, and we must be prepared to avoid difficulties.

When should we orrar to get envy of the way?

If we know of someone who speaks ill of us and envies us, we must pray this prayer and always ask that person for light.

The most recommended thing is that "the prayer against envy and gossip" becomes one of those everyday prayers until we overcome the problem and so that every time we need it, we can pray it.

The prayer for evil tongues is miraculous, but we must pray it with great faith and trust in the powers of God, so that from now on negative people do not touch us again.

  • In the light of a preferably white candle we ask that our spirit guides intercede to help us overcome obstacles, enemies and all evil.

This is the prayer to silence mouths and envies

Almighty and merciful God, I appeal to your divine presence so that you spill your blessed blood so that envy disappears from my life and the bad influences of my family are removed

In all this time the people who claimed to be my friends have betrayed me and speak ill of me, that is why I ask you, Lord, to keep their poison away from me.

Lord, may your blood be the key so that those people simply shut up and don't come looking for me again, that they leave my life and mine.

Allow me, my heavenly Father, to get out of this difficult situation that has been provoked by envy and rumors

Guide me to continue on the right path and help me to regain my good image

I give myself and open my heart so that you shed your sacred blood on me, oh merciful father! I ask you not to let bad tongues take over me

Remove that negative energy that affects my life and that of my loved ones, may envy never penetrate the entrance of my home

Bless my words so that my gift of speech is always raising prayers to you.


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