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Prayers and Petitions to each of the 7 African Powers

Prayer of 7 powers

The 7 African powers They include those deities who head the cult of the Yoruba Pantheon, under the figure of the Orishas. The most powerful, who act as Guardian Angels, make up a group of 7 powers that can help us in the most difficult situations.

For this reason, these 7 gods are the object of great worship and veneration in the Santeria, as the greatest protective beings of humanity, related to immense forces of nature.

The faithful of the Yoruba religion seek shelter and protection, and ask for the help of the so-called seven African powers, and especially when the situation is very complicated, the energy of these deities protects those in need of their power.

And it is that when the powers of the seven highest representatives of the Yoruba pantheon come together, it results in an immense force that can get us out of the most difficult predicament.

Through powerful prayers we can ask for your help either individually or collectively, depending on the nature of our problem in question.

The 7 powers come to our aid for the solution of problems associated with health, love, prosperity and many other issues and represent the combined forces of nature, such as the water of the seas, rivers, fire and land.

The prayer that works for everything! I pray to the Seven African Powers for protection

Seven African Powers Santeria

We remember that any devotee of the Yoruba religion can request the help of the 7 powers, always bearing in mind that evil should not be asked for anyone and that we must be clear about our objectives when invoking these powerful gods.

We can pray to them with the following prayer:

Oh, 7 Powers that are around the Holy One among the holy ones! I humbly kneel before your miraculous painting, to implore your intercession before God, loving father who protects all creation, animate and inanimate.

I ask you, in the name of the most sacred and sweet name of Jesus, that you agree to my request and give me back my peace of mind and material prosperity, moving away from my house and removing from me the obstacles that are the cause of my ills, so they can never haunt me again.

My heart tells me that my request is just, and if you agree to it, añaYou will say more glory to the blessed name of God, Our Lord, from whom we have received the promise to ask and it will be given to you. So be it in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

Listen to me, Chango! Listen to me, Oshún! Attend to me Yemayá! Look at me with good eyes, Obatala! Don't abandon me, Oggún! Be auspicious, Orula! Intercede for me Eleggúa! Grant me what I ask of you, through the intercession of the Seven African Powers! Oh, Holy Christ of Olofín! Blessed are you forever and ever.


The 7 African Powers, their powers and prayers

As we explained previously, we can invoke the help of the 7 African powers for situations of various kinds. They are usually asked for individual support to solve problems related to their powers and characteristics.

If we pray with great faith and deep respect to the 7 powers and show them that we are worthy of their blessings, they will give us immense help in any need.

Let's know now, which are the members of the 7 African powers and their powers and prayers:

Obatalá, orisha creator of the world and sculptor of the human being

Prayer to Obatala
In Santeria it is the Virgen de las Mercedes

Obatalá is the father of all Orishas, ​​who was given the mission to create the world and take care of human beings. He is the giver of peace and forgiveness and the owner of purity and whiteness.

Obatalá, as the maximum Orisha of creation, is associated with the mountains.añas, as one of the most outstanding elements of nature, considering that it resides at the top of them.

Obatala's prayer for protection and tranquility:

It is invoked to request favors framed within peace and harmony. We can request your help in this area with the following prayer:

Great spirit, powerful king of Ejigbo, brings silence in the judgment, judge of peace and tranquility.

The only king who flies the days in big parties, owner of all the white and shiny fabrics.

King of the chains of the Court, The only one who stands behind people who are pure and tell the truth.

Sole producer of empires, great warrior of Osagiyan, you shine with your elegant white beard.

One day you woke up to create the 200 customs that help civilize all people. Great King of Ifon.

Grant me the great white cloth, make it my property.

Unique spirit that makes things pure and white, you are tall as a barn, tall as the great hills.

I give myself to you, the only king who leans on a great white metal staff

So be it

The warrior Shango, king of the Yoruba pantheon, God of thunder and fire.

Prayer to Shango
In Santeria it is Santa Barbara

Shango is the king of the Yoruba pantheon, one of the most prominent and well-known Orishas and owner of the bata and fire drums. He represents masculinity and virility and is a formidable warrior who fights against injustice.

Prayer to Shango to destroy and defeat enemies:

It is called to request protection against enemies. To do this, we can use the following sentence:

Great Orisha Shango,

you who have power over the people who wish me evil,

you implacable fighter and God of thunder,

never authorize the possibility that those who only wish me hardships will achieve it,

with your power of justice, keep my person the furthest from them.

Open my course and that no rival that I cannot see can harm my existence.

Orisha Elegguá, the Yoruba messenger who opens the roads

Prayer to Eleguá
In Santeria it is Santo Niño de Atocha

Eleguá is the Orisha who opens the ways to practice religion and one of the powerful Yoruba warriors that initiates receive first. Eleggua is responsible for opening or closing the doors that lead to Ifá.

He is invoked to request the favor of removing obstacles in the way that stand in the way of achieving some goal.

Very powerful prayer to Elegua to open the roads

So we ask you for a special request:

I call you, great Lord Eleguá, you who can open all the streets with your great gifts. Now I am calling your presence with my humble prayers.

You great warrior, responsible for giving the messages to Olofin and for delivering.

I ask you with great love Orisha on the way. May success be granted in every step I take in my life.

May you give me success in every goal and dream that I consider. I pray for you, great warrior of the roads.

That you manage to eliminate all the inconveniences that I can find and clean all the obstacles that you want to pose in my way, so that I am victorious.

Remove from my path all the evils that may weigh me, you, the great companion of Eshu and Olofin,

Elegua, guide my way with your gifts, Almighty Lord.

With great gratitude, I come to you, Orisha warrior, to protect my home and my family, to take care of mine, and to guide their destiny as well.

It also guides my steps to be adventurous and full of fortune and abundance.

I evoke your presence by my side, taking my hand and that you always end up with me. Take me away from all the negative roads and people.

Always illuminate the paths that I take every day and dominate with your power the different destinies of my life. I beg you from the most sacred heart, take care of all my family and loved ones.

Take care of me from all evil, so be it always.

Oshún, Orisha of Love and also related to money.

Prayer to Oshún
In Santeria it is the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre

Oshún is the beautiful goddess of love and fresh water, rivers and their currents. She is presented to us as the Orisha of love and femininity and its attributes, such as beauty, sensuality, intense feelings and overflowing passion. It is the highest representative of the feminine essence.

Prayer to the goddess Oshún for love:

It is called mainly when we deal with problems related to love and the search for riches. With this powerful prayer we ask for your help in matters of love:

Oh beautiful Oshún , Oh fiery Oshún

Powerful mistress of love abre for your son [Say your name]

The doors of a heart.

You, who dominate femininity,

Make this your follower a being of love

Irresistible Oshún!

Let love knock on my door.

May my days be full of your passion.

That the person I've always dreamed of cross my path.

Burning Oshún! May your child be like a magnet

May your eyes be irresistible to being loved

May only happiness be in your future.

Your child humbly asks you for the keys of love

Blessed today and always, powerful Oshún.

Oggún, Orisha patron of metals and worker god.

Prayer to Oggun
In Santeria it is San Pedro

Oggún, patron of blacksmiths and owner of metals, is a leading Orisha. He is an insatiable warrior and worker, and is believed to hold the weight of the world we live in on his shoulders.

He works in the forge all hours of the day and can free us from all the obstacles as well as the problems that may arise along the way.

Prayer to Oggún to open paths, for work and protection:

It is usually invoked to get a good job or a good income, in addition to asking for good fortune. This is the sentence we use:

Oggún, my strong protector, invincible warrior of the Ocha,

I praise you who are my savior, here is your Son.

Son who has sinned, but adoring you, you are praised for your love.

Your eternal goodness, as well as your security, I know that you will give us a Protecting Father, for you that nothing is impossible.

Because your grace is immense, I know that you will never abandon me

and in the midst of my agony I ask you never to let go of my hand.

You are peace, you are life, you are love and consolation, you are the great warrior who opens the way for his children.

So that we achieve well-being, although everything seems almost impossible.

In the shadows your light is my guide, Great Orisha Oggún, and I come to you on my knees to cry out for your eternal goodness.

Because I know how I am also sure, that if you support me I will fear nothing.

Because you, my Lord, relieve the burdened, I beg and implore you, alleviate my great worries.

I come before you my great Lord Oggún, so that my requests are attended to.

I want you to help me in this great need to get a good new job

My father. Because I know your plans are perfect, but I feel cornered that is why I come to you to make this job request,

I want that decent job so I can support my family.

I know that you in your eternal goodness, will not let me fall Oggun I beg you that my wish be granted, promptly

I know that you will open doors and windows for me, and in your immense mercy, I will find a worthy job for me.

Help me Oggún to be patient, give me that prosperous dignified job.

Intercede in my request to establish myself financially and help me get that stable job that I need so much.

Make me a provider, bless my being as well as my family, to start my own business, help me Great Orisha.

Oggún, you who fill the heart with consolation, soothe the heart of this servant of yours who needs you. Do not abandon me in this moment of hopelessness,

take my hand and show me the way I must go.

Hold me in this moment of despair, that only You know how to attend.

I trust you because you never leave your children alone, because you are a great Father full of mercy.

In this hour of hopelessness and lack I take your hand to feel relief, and I also feel hope.

Father you who know the desires of my heart, you know that I need a job, a job that pleases me, that fulfills me so that as a person I may be valued.

So for my work be very well rewarded, for my work be recognized your effort my great Lord.

Thank you for your great love as well as your great kindness, because you are a warrior who was not afraid of sun and shadow.

To face the greatest obstacles, that you found in your way

Lord, I want you to be the great warrior to help me, with that worthy job that I need so much.

Oggun I ask you to put honest people in my path, give me wisdom to teach my abilities.

Help me get a good job so I can put my functions together successfully so that I can achieve your blessings.

Relieve my soul with your fine essence, with your omnipotence you were able to save the seas and rivers.

I fully trust you, and that you will not abandon your child who cries out to you.

 Oggun! My Lord, I light a white candle to give you thanks, because great is your power as well as great is your mercy.


Orula, wise Orisha, connoisseur of the secrets of the Yoruba oracles.

Prayer to Orula
In Santeria it is Saint Francis of Assisi

Orula or Orunmila is the benefactor of humanity and diviner Orisha. He is the main prophet who was sent by Olodumare, and that is possible because he is the almighty.

This great orisha has an understanding of the past, present and future of things in the world. Wisdom and clarity are requested from him when facing new challenges.

I pray to Orunmila to open paths and ask for his help and protection:

Thus we pray to him:

Father Orula, I am before you, to summon your help and thus in this way, I expect scares far away from me, all the evil that may arise and light my way and my life.

May your will be present when the shadows want to cover my path and you strip my life, all evil.

I invoke you, now and always, and thus be the protector of all my life and my family. So that we are all protected by you.

What I wish is that you can bring good luck into my life and that all my paths are prosperous, in the same way, that the Orishas contribute to making my paths favorable.

Without looking at my pockets, I hope you can fill them with blessings and benefits, that it favors my family and me, who are at your mercy and to serve you.

Yemayá, goddess of the waters, warrior and protective mother.

Prayer to the goddess Yemayá
In Santeria it is the Virgin of Regla

Yemayá is considered the mother goddess and patron of women, especially pregnant women. She is known as the mother of all the Orishas.

She is a goddess with great power and because she has an impetuous character, she is the goddess of the seas and is linked to fertility.

You are asked for help to improve health and for personal protection as well as that of our loved ones.

I pray to Yemayá so that its waters clean our way:

This is the prayer to ask the goddess of the seas for protection:

Oh goddess Yemayá !, you who rule the waters,

providing your protection to all humanity.

Oh Divine Mother, save our bodies and minds,

cleaning us with the waters of the sea,

spreading respect within our hearts,

responding with great veneration

to the great force of nature that you embody

and allow our troops to protect and protect us.

We beg you oh most powerful Yemayá,

Queen of the waters this desire to obtain.

With all love and justice I beg you to give me strength,

give me the energy I need to be able to bear everything.

In your kingdom the sea and under your harmony I want to live.

Protect my loved ones from all evils and dangers.

Oh Hail, goddess Yemayá, sovereign of the Sea.

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