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A Prayer: Confidence to face adversity is obtained from faith

Prayer of Trust in God

Trust is one of the fundamental pillars in life of human beings, when this virtue is lacking, insecurity takes control of the soul and the individual may run the risk of derailing his future irremediably.

Over time there have been many ways of trying to captivate trust in human beings.

The first civilizations put tests of courage to their warriors in order to forge in them the courage and discipline necessary to face combat without fear of death.

Many are the battles that men fight today, epics that in their execution are very distant from those played by knights in shining armor and adorned steeds.

Maybe these will continue pursuing a common goal:

  • Freedom,
  • the love and
  • the power.

What is clear is that despite the years, the goal of obtaining security seems to continue to be a question mark.

Is then faith the only force capable of moving mountainsañas and make that spiritual strength spring from within man that would willingly make him eat the whole world in order to obtain his goals.

The formula to obtain confidence will then be exclusively faith:

The conception of knowing that there will be nothing and no one capable of stopping us as long as we have spiritually tattooed on our skin the course we have chosen for our lives.

Situation that makes us think that trust will come to us withañaIt gives only determination.

A prayer to communicate directly with God

Through the prayer that we offer below, we offer a door to communicate directly with God and obtain in faith the conviction of the incomparable shelter of his fatherly affection.

It is through God that we will obtain the strength we need to move forward and overcome adversity with firmness.

These verses are an invocation to the presence of the creator father who will be the main provider of:

  • Faith,
  • the strength and
  • of love in our lives.

Prayer of Confidence in God

Father, I am not afraid of life because I know that You are with me guiding my steps and leading my destiny on the right path.

Confidently, I take Your hand and go through the world in complete safety, because I enjoy your company.

Thank you Father, that is so. Amen.

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