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In January a prayer to our Spirit Guides to thank their light

January Prayer

In this time, a new beginning, with goals and purposes to fulfill, it is very important to keep in mind all the blessings and protection that our spiritual guides offer us.

That is why it is extremely effective and powerful to dedicate a prayer of thanks and devotion each day to start the year with faith and hope.

To those who have advised us and filled us with blessings, we must ask them to take care of us and protect us in this new period of our lives.

Nothing is more feasible than praying and praying, so that our spirit guides and guardian angel feel our love and know that we always have them present.

Thus, they will keep guiding our steps along the path of destiny and will help us to avoid obstacles, to avoid difficulties and sadness in this new year that is beginning.

¿How and when to pray to our guides and beings of light?

We remember that we can pray at any time of the day, when we feel the need to seek spiritual guidance and comfort.

This January Prayer can also be done in any month to give thanks, the important thing is to have faith, and give gratitude with humility and love.

However, The best times to reflect and raise prayers are:

  • At the beginning of the day, in the mañana and
  • at the end of it, at night

Those are the moments to give thanks for protection, for love, for health and for the little joys that make our existence bearable.

We also ask for their blessings and tell them our fears and insecurities, so that they can advise us and help us make the right decisions.

Let us remember that to pray we must find a quiet place where stillness and cleanliness reign.

In this space we can light candles to illuminate our prayers and communicate with the deities with confidence and faith.

A powerful prayer dedicated to the beings that accompanied usañan

  • With this prayer we thank you and ask for your guidance in this month that begins the year.

My spiritual guide, guardian angel and beings that guide me, you who illuminate my steps and do not allow me to fall into the dark holes that life puts in my way.

I thank you this January for giving me your light, the month that marks the beginning of a new year, for everything you have done for me and mine.

My family and I thank you for everything we have experienced in the year that ends, because despite the challenges you have been present, acting, strengthening hope and faith.

I thank you, my protector, for the beautiful things that have been like a balm that comforts and heals wounds.

At the beginning of the year I ask you, my guide, to help me discover the teachings of faith in the events of the past, to begin this stage with new courage, with faith and conviction in your help and advice.

Do not allow me to fall into mistakes of the past, help me to navigate this period with faith, with the assurance that you are with me, guiding my decisions

So be it, amen

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