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Prayer of freedom on behalf of the Archangel Zadkiel A powerful prayer!

Invocation prayer to Archangel Zadkiel

With the name Zadkiel one of the seven most glorious Archangels coming from the kingdom of the Almighty, due to the etymology of its name this translates as God's grace.

Being this Archangel truly an extremely graceful being, because the creator deposited in him the virtue of interceding for the freedom of human beings.

Zadkiel is the Archangel who guards the benevolence of God towards men.

What are the powers with which Zadkiel protects us?

Mercy is one of the virtues of which he endows himself, for which he is considered the patron saint of all those who are merciful and capable of forgiving, putting resentment aside.

The Archangel Zadkiel is one of the angels who are at the forefront and who follow behind the Archangel Michael when he goes to fight to defend the doctrine of God on humanity.

  • Zadkiel is associated with the color violet, this is the tone that identifies it, so the religious people place purple flowers and candles on it.

This Archangel is invoked through prayer, as this is an act that saves, filled with infinite faith and trust.

This saint is associated with the planet Jupiter, it is speculated that his spiritual energy comes from this.

A fact that also links it closely with oratory and the voice of conscience, a beacon of light that guides the lost on the path of life.

Some of the missions of this powerful Archangel:

  • His main mission on earth it is that man achieves forgiveness, so that at the moment of the final judgment his soul rises before the almighty.
  • Freedom is one of his main banners, which is why many people sometimes approach him in prayer to make them worthy of such a sacred reward.  
  • The Archangel Zadkiel unties the chains that prevent us from being successful in the realization of love and the truth fundamentally about our neighbor.
  • Values ​​repentance as a great virtue in human beings, which rewards with many blessings.

Invocation prayer to Archangel Zadkiel

Oh Lord, we turn to your divine power so that in merit of your infinite display of fatherly and protector love, you arrange for Archangel Zadkiel to protect defenseless humanity like yesterday, today and always, especially children.

May the evil spirit be definitively annihilated and may love reign among us, just as your love is fully and inexhaustible manifested to us. Amen.

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