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A beautiful prayer of the goddess Oshún so that her powers protect us

Prayer of the goddess Oshún

Oshún, orisha of the Yoruba pantheon, which is much adored and revered for its powers, great energy that provides abundance and fertility on earth.

She is a loving goddess, who toasts without expecting anything in return, prosperity and love. From her we receive humility, patience and strength to firmly overcome the obstacles of this life.

She is the owner of rivers, fresh waters, gold, sweet honey and the riches of the world, she provides man with happiness and luck in love, it is she, a deity of powerful feelings, who guides us through the most beautiful paths. .

In Santeria or the Rule of Osha, Oshún is a tireless protector of her children, she is also calamitous, you never know when she is angry, she can even kill while laughing, because as she is sweet, she is bitter.

Therefore, when we invoke it, we must do it from peace and love, never ask for evil, or curse, we must be very respectful.

Powerful prayer of Oshún to open paths and protect us

To honor and invoke the golden warrior of Osha, we can place a yellow candle, 5 sunflowers, a little honey, oranges, or other offerings that the goddess adores.

Remember that in this prayer of the goddess Oshún you must put a lot of faith, and like a mother speak from the heart, thank her for her blessings and with much love make her request.

Goddess Oshún, golden lady with golden skin, blessed are your waters that wash my being and free me from evil. 

Oshún, divine queen, beautiful orisha, come to me, walking on the full moon, bringing in your hands the lilies of the love of peace. 

Make me sweet, soft and seductive as you are.

Oh! Mother Oshún, protect me, make love a constant in my life, and may I love all of Olorun's creation. 

Protect me from all witchcraft and sorcery. 

Give me the nectar of your sweetness and may I get everything I want: the serenity to act in a conscious and balanced way.

May I be like its cool waters that follow trails along the rivers, cutting rocks and rushing through waterfalls, without stopping or having a way back, just following my path. 

Purify my soul and my body with your tears of breath. 

Flood me with your beauty, your goodness and your love, filling my life with prosperity. Thank you my queen Oshún!

Offerings and powerful rituals on behalf of Queen Oshún:

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