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miraculous prayer of the mañana of the day Monday: With great faith we pray

prayer of the mañana day monday

The best way to start the day is with a prayer of the mañana when getting up.

This is affirmed by many people whose faith moves them in the search for personal fulfillment in a new day.

And, above all, we must perform these types of prayers when we begin a new week of work, because these words will give us energy and will comfort us through what comes.

Mondays, therefore, are days when the prayer of the mañana becomes very necessary and gives us strength to move forward with optimism throughout the week, always thinking about the little joys that life gives us and our personal goals.

How to pray in the mañana?

The prayer in the mañaNas should be done just when we wake up and before starting any activity of the day.

It is good that we allocate that small space of the mañaCome to meditation and prayer, to communicate with our spiritual guides and ask them to accompany us and protect us on this new day.

We must carry out these prayers with great faith, asking for the support of God and our spiritual guides to have a happy day, with good news and away from dangers, envies and problems.

It is also a good time to give thanks for everything that has been given to us, and if possible we light a white candle, to assist our spiritual guides and Guardian angel.

We pray this prayer of the mañana of the day Monday for a good week and a lot of time to enjoy withañatwo of our loved ones, away from sickness and pain.  

This is the prayer of the mañana of today monday

  • This is how we pray in the mañanas of monday

My almighty God, I thank you for this new day, for the beauty of this sunrise that promises me a prosperous and happy week

It dawns and I thank you for my family, my friends and for all the things that you have already put in front of me for my good.

Sanctify Lord every step that I take in this new week, so that I always find the right path.

Bless my work and open my eyes to have clarity in all the decisions that I make today and this week.

May by your grace my heart rejoice and happiness fill my days and my home. That in my house only joy accumulates and that sorrows and misfortunes go away from my door.

I give you my heart, my thoughts and my whole being

You who have brought me to the beginning of this day: give me your help so that we do not fall into despair or temptations, and that my thoughts and actions follow the path of goodness

So be it, Amen.

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