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Prayer of petition to the Virgin of the Valley: the most tender and sweet of the Mothers

Prayer of the Virgin of the Valley

The Virgin of the Valley is an invocation of the Virgin Mary popularly known as the most tender and sweetest of mothers.

This saint is considered patron saint in many places in Spain.aña, especially in the town of Alcalá del Valle and in many places in Latin America.

What is the day of the Virgen del Valle?

It is celebrated in Spainaña a pilgrimage in his honor May 1, when the Virgin is transported in a cart adorned by flowers that is pulled by oxen, symbolizing the work of the field and strength.

The September 8 a procession is held in honor of the Virgen del Valle, but this time in Latin America, where the image of the saint has come to represent the purest of actions.

Some devotees consider the Virgin of the Valley as one of the most miraculous saints that exist.

The Miracles of the Virgencita del Valle

Various prodigies are attributed to this, including events related to:

  • Health and
  • immunity from early death.

The Virgin of the Valley It has been related to sailors and tourism in general, paying special attention to the protection of travelers who use the sea as a means to undertake their voyages.

Many human beings are entrusted to the intercession of this saint, those who seek her protection to solve difficult times and hardships.

Powerful prayer of the Virgin of the Valley to ask you a favor

Some rely on their prayers with the aim of bringing to their feet the messages that man lovingly decides to send them.

While others prefer to appear in the church to share the same living space with it.

  • White flowers and candles of the same tone are placed on the Virgin of the Valley, thus representing the purity she enjoys. 

Most Holy Mother of the Valley, I confidently go to your plants to ask you to instill in my soul living feelings of faith in Jesus Christ, your divine son, because he is the way, the truth and the life.

Loving mother take me by the hand, grant me spiritual peace, may understanding reign within my family.

Accept, holy mother, my deepest gratitude for the favors that you have granted me until today and do not ignore the pleas that I make when I am in need (make the request).

May my devotion to you heavenly mother increase true religion and my faith in the father, the son and the holy spirit be enlivened. Amen.

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