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Prayer of the 14 Holy Helpers for the evil to come out and the good to come in

Prayer of the 14 auxiliary saints

The fourteen auxiliary saints They are recognized as the Helpers, although their precise origin is Germanic, the Catholic Church recognizes them as a very powerful communion of saints.

  • His holiday It is celebrated on August 8 every year.

What are the 14 Holy Helpers?

  1. San Acacio protects headaches
  2. Santa Barbara helps against fever and sudden death
  3. San Blas is a protector of the throat and respiratory diseases
  4. Saint Catherine protector in sudden death
  5. Saint Christopher Martyr, protector in the bubonic plague
  6. Santo San Ciriaco helps in epilepsy and temptations at the time of death
  7. Saint Denis protects against headaches and epilepsy
  8. Saint Saint Erasmus intercedes in intestinal diseases
  9. Saint Eustace intercedes in difficult situations and family disputes
  10. Saint George helps in diseases of domestic animals
  11. Saint Gil invoked during the plague and epilepsy
  12. Saint Margaret is invoked during childbirth
  13. Saint Pantaleon invoked by doctors and against headaches and consumption and
  14. Saint Vitus against epilepsy.

Prayer to the 14 Holy Helpers against all the evil that affects us

Humble and merciful auxiliary saints, counselors and ministers of this world, under the supreme authority of the eternal father, god son and god holy spirit, send us a reflection of your heavenly light,

as you commanded your grace to that repentant perverse who gave bread to the poor made coal, like Cyprian and Justina for their wickedness and sorcery, like Magdalena for her debauchery, as to Saint Dimas for sympathizing with our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross,

like Veronica by her face when our Lord Jesus Christ was invalid on the Holy Cross and I hope in you for my repentance that I also propose for the Holy Cross, I hope you clean the doors of my house like the souls that go to heaven, and between them Mine, you, Eternal Father, I recognize you and we venerate all the good Christians on earth.

I ask you to reject from me every visible and invisible enemy that hinders my passage along this path, where I am going to fulfill the mission of this honorable person who is the bread in demand of work and the sweat of my brow, and I hope in you ,

Santa Barbara, may all ferocity and unjust betrayal that be brought against me, wait for it at the tip of your heavenly sword and remove from my surroundings the misery that my envious enemies throw at my doors, to disturb my health and my good grace that God has given me.

Let the bad come out and between the good, whoever wishes my bad my bad take away, my misfortune comes out and between the grace of God, San Miguel set up the guard and reject the enemy Lucifer (make the sign of the cross three times) that always succumb under your feet, dominate that bad tongue (sign of the cross) as Santa Marta dominated the beasts, the Angel of my Guardian comes this way, God in front of him, health behind him, my luck where I arrive with this will suffice.

If I look for work, I will find work, if something is lost to Saint Anthony I will entrust, that three creeds I will pray to him, that what I want I will very soon see, father, son and holy spirit, three creeds to the Holy Trinity and a Father Our. Amen.

Some powerful rituals that help us drive away evil:

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