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"The Lovers' Prayer" is strongest and most powerful in February

Lovers' Prayer

True love is one of the strongest feelings that exist on the face of the earth, it is said that historically it has never been defeated, because not even death itself has been able to annul it.

February, the month where this feeling reigns precisely, is the perfect occasion to ask God for his strength through the prayer of lovers, a prayer destined to make those who sincerely love each other grow spiritually, which gains greater strength during this month.

The Lovers' Prayer It can be invoked by both men and women, regardless of the time of day, nor does it require material resources only of faith and love to become effective.

What do we ask through this Prayer of Love?

Through his words, strength and protection are requested for that loved one who is so appreciated.

In the same way that it is prayed for the union and the formation of the future family that will be born as a result of a pure feeling as a result of the marriage of two lovers. 

This prayer is a show of faith and loyalty towards God and towards the couple, with this it is expected to bless the loved one by placing a lot of trust in him and good wishes.

Through this prayer it is expected to be worthy and reciprocal of such high sentiment.

The powerful Lovers' Prayer: A Request for Love

The powerful Lovers' Prayer

In my heart, Lord, love has been kindled for a creature that you know and love.

I ask you Lord for whom he waits for me and thinks of me repeatedly,

I ask you for the one who has placed all his trust in me to accompanyañasee it in your future.

I beg you for their future, enlighten those who walk by my side, make us worthy of each other, that we are help and models.

Help us to prepare ourselves in the greatness and responsibility of marriage, so that now our souls dominate our bodies and lead them in love.

I thank you for this gift that fills me with deep joy, makes me similar to you who are love and makes me understand the value of the life you have given me.

Make sure you do not waste this wealth that you have put in my heart, teach me that love is a gift and that it cannot be mixed with any selfishness.

That love is pure and cannot remain in any baseness, that love is fruitful and that from today it must produce a new way of living between the days.

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