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Ritual and I pray to Oshún to call Money and drive away the paths of misery

Oshún's prayer to attract money

Oshún, goddess of the Yoruba Pantheon, is always a good counselor, who seeks to guide the path of all her followers, with high principles of honesty, but severely punishing all those who are not faithful to her requirements, for this reason it is important to take care of all the offerings and responsibilities that you have with this orisha.

Not only is she willing to help you in your life situations, and to bring love, abundance, prosperity and help into your life, she also needs her devotees to thank her for each of the things she gives them daily, for the protection she offers to each one. of the people who trust her.

She is an Orisha with tools such as fans, golden bracelets, and a yellow clay tureen, which is precisely her color, and it is in front of her receptacle that we venerate and offer her at home.

What do you put on Oshún to venerate her?

We can venerate the goddess of honey, love, and gold in different ways.

Oshún can even vary his tastes and have different characteristics of care, depending on the path of the deity, and the environment of the religious, since many times we can not get certain elements.

Offering to Oshún with pumpkin to attract money and abundance

When you go to buy the pumpkin fruit make sure it is healthy, without bruises, and that it is a beautiful fruit, because it is a gift for Oshún, the most vain, who adores everything beautiful.

  1. Put the pumpkin on the plate and bathe it with plenty of honey.
  2. Then place this offering in front of Oshún or behind the door of your house with 5 coins around the pumpkin.
  3. Also put a yellow, gold or white candle lit every day for a while, until it burns out.
  4. Before the pumpkin gets ugly or rotten, deliver it to Oshún in its river waters, or on a hill next to the trees.

Other ways to entertain and venerate the goddess of riches:

You are offered your favorite food, which is Ochinchin, and it is made with shrimp, chard, onion, and eggs, among other ingredients.

He also likes gofio levers with honey, yellow rice, tamales and corn flour, olelé with saffron, sweets of all kinds and fruits such as orange, the same ones that he always welcomes with pleasure and joy in the river.

Sunflowers are her favorite flowers, and also yellow roses, and other flowers of similar shades.

How to thank and ask Oshún for fortune and prosperity?

Specifically within the Santeria or Rule of Osha, the prayer for money that is made to Oshún is directly related to its syncretization (mixture of Catholic and Yoruba religion), with the image of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, patron saint of Cuba.

We must remember that this Virgin is surrounded by copper and her representative color is yellow, and the two elements in some way refer to wealth.

Oshún can also help us in matters of health, love, economic prosperity and give us protection against dangers, as well as bring us closer to all that is good.

Powerful Oshún prayer to attract money into our life

By invoking her we can offer her a lit candle and a bouquet of 5 sunflowers, the most beautiful we can get, to entertain her with her favorite flower.

Oh Divine Mother, Oshún, Queen of the Waters, purify my soul and my body with your tears of breath.

Flood me with your unique beauty, with your love and kindness, and fill me with your prosperity.

Clothed in gold and bearer of all beauty, open my closed paths, so that money, prosperity, abundance may flow through them.

So that all the wealth multiplies and all the misery that surrounds me disappears.

I ask you, Mother of the waters, Oshún, intercede for me, you are glorious and in you I trust, in you I place my prayers.

Oh Oshún, Shangó's wife, I destined my prayer to you, because I need your strength, which is yours alone, to wash my body and my soul of all evil.

With your powerful waters, oh Mother of the sea, come to me and wash me, allow me to be new again and unblock all the roads that are blocked in my life.

So that money, wealth can come, and that I can achieve great prosperity, at all levels of my life.

That is why I ask you, God save you, Queen Oshún, Blessed Mother, mistress of the waters.

Golden mother of golden skin, save Mama Oshún. 

Those holy waters that wash my being are yours. Lady of the waterfalls, beautiful and wonderful. 

May I be blessed with your glorious justice. Cast your merciful gaze on me. 

May your waters soothe my afflicted soul and may your goodness pour over my life what I seek so much. 

Oh Mama Oshún, I beg you for money, prosperity and abundance, so that my life may be better and neither I nor Those of us who depend on me live in misery or poverty. 

So I beg of you.

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