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Very powerful prayer to Oshún to recover Love with strong ties

Oshún's prayer for the loved one to return

Oshún is a powerful Yoruba deity syncretized in Santeria or Rule of Osha with the beautiful Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, Patroness of Cuba.

In most Yoruba stories, Oshún is often depicted as the protector, savior, and life-giver of humanity.

This Prayer to Oshún It is closely related to the aspirations to increase the desire in the couple, attract it, generate attraction and strong ties of love that are not destroyed by evil, enemies or other people with bad intentions.

To start praying this prayer, it is very important that the person feel calm, at peace, happy, with positive energy, just as Oshún is also sweetness and happiness.

Oshún's prayer for the loved one to return to us at once

Oh Mighty dancing queen of the 5 handkerchiefs, I want my beloved (his name) to return, I have no rest until he comes to find me, and returns to me.

Powerful Oshún I implore you to bring me (her name), not to sadden me with your contempt.

(Mention his name) forget and leave once and for all, all the other loves and those who want to take away this sweet love.

Oh mighty Oshún, turn around and use your power and remove (his name) from whatever woman / man he is with at this moment; and if you are with her / him, let him call on my name.

Tips for praying and invoking the goddess of love Oshún

When praying the prayer to Oshún, the dancer with the 5 handkerchiefs, so called because he always carries 5 handkerchiefs with him, it is recommended that:

  • It is done on Saturdays and
  • the prayer is accompanied by golden or yellow candles.

In addition to invoking her with prayers and prayers, the powers of Oshún are also present through the offerings (adimú) and rituals that her children and devotees perform.

Thus, invoking his presence, we can solve the problems that we have at that moment in our lives, in the same way, Oshún should always be thanked.

Oshún knows everything about your current situation, even if you are not in a financial position to offer her greater gifts, this is not an excuse, because a flower from a garden, a candle or some fruit is enough to entertain her with humility and love.

Always remember that the possibilities that your requests made in the prayers or rituals to Oshún are granted is closely related to the faith and love that you put into it.

Some very nice offerings that Queen Oshún loves:

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