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Prayer of Oyá to pray to the "Queen of the Spark" for protection

Prayer of Oyá for protection

To pray to Oyá You have to take into account her strength as a warrior and implore her blessings with conviction and great faith in the immense powers that she possesses.

Oyá it can give us its immense protection against the dangers that lie in wait for us and can drive away our enemies.

We ask the Queen of Centella to give us courage, to do justice, and to protect us in times of pain and need.

What should we keep in mind when invoking the Beautiful Orisha Oyá?

roses for Oyá
Colored Roses would be a beautiful offering for Oyá

To raise prayers to Oyá We must take into account the offerings that the goddess worships, such as eggplant, grape wine, grapes, rum, cola nuts, rooster, chicken, fruit, fish and spicy foods. 

It is also good to light a candle and even put incense on it and choose a secluded place and start praying, always with great faith.

We can talk to the Queen of the Centella about everything that worries us and also about our joys and thus we thank her for her blessings and the little things that make us happy.

But, above all, if we feel that there is danger for us or our relatives, we pray to Oyá asking for his protection so that evil moves away from our house.

We invoke the Goddess of the Centella when we are besieged by evils that come to us from other people. But above all, don't forget to be grateful for the blessings you receive.

So we pray to Oyá Yanza to ask for his holy protection:

Oyá, My Queen, you who move the winds of life and who with your laughter bring happiness and fortune to your devotees

Goddess of Centella, you who defy death and who see what the future holds for your children,

Oyá, the one with the 9 skirts of all colors, queen of the whirlpools,

You who take away everything bad and with your power you ward off diseases,

A warrior and indomitable woman, I beg you my mother, to listen to my request and relieve my anguish

I ask you my Goddess, that with your powerful spark you keep away from me and mine all the evil that haunts us

May you clean my path with your winds and make my steps safe until I achieve the destiny set for me.

I ask you not to allow me pain, sadness and annoyance to weaken my life

Give me, My Warrior Goddess, strength and positive energy to face the obstacles and difficulties that life imposes on me

Drive away evil, protect me and illuminate my life

Thank you Oyá, in the name of all the children of the earth.

So be it.

Some powerful offerings and rituals you can do in the name of Oyá:

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