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Prayer of daily protection in the name of the Blood of Christ and its power

Daily protection prayer with the blood of Christ

The prayer to invoke protection Contained in the blood of Christ is one of the most widely read in the entire world.

  • This prayer is addressed to the family and to everything that surrounds us in one way or another.

Making with its reading the emergence of a divine shield that frees us from all evils and leads us along the correct path in life, of which we are sustained in faith and in the presence of the holy spirit as a compass and in unison as a beacon in the darkness of darkness.  

The protection of the Blood of Christ to expel problems and evils

Lord Jesus, in your name and with the power of your blood, we seal every person, act or event through which the enemy wants to harm us.

With the power of the blood of Jesus I cover myself, we cover and seal with all destructive power in the air, on earth, in water, in fire, under the earth, in the abysses of hell and in the world in the which we will move today.

With the power of the blood of Jesus we break all interference and action of the evil one.

We ask you, Jesus, to send the Blessed Virgin Mary to our homes and workplaces.añagives of San Miguel, San Gabriel, San Rafael and all his court of holy angels.

With the power of the holy blood of Jesus I cover myself, we cover and seal our house, all those who make itabitan (name each of them), the people that the Lord will send to her, as well as the food and goods that he generously sends us for our sustenance.

With the power of the blood of Jesus I cover myself, we cover and seal people, animals, objects, the air we breathe, and in faith we place a circle of blood around our entire family.

With the power of the blood of Christ I cover, cover and seal the places where we are going to be today and the companies, institutions and people with whom we are going to deal today (name each one).

With the power of the blood of Jesus I cover myself, we cover and seal our material and spiritual work, the businesses of all your children, the vehicles, the roads, the air, the tracks and any means of transportation that we will have to use.

With your precious blood, I cover, cover and seal, acts the minds and hearts of all habitabefore our country and the Church so that your peace and your heart may reign in them.

We thank you Lord for your blood and your life since thanks to it we have been saved and we are preserved from everything bad. Amen.

Some of the powerful rituals we can do to protect ourselves from evil:

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