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Invocation of Justice to Archangel Michael ► A powerful prayer

Protection prayer Saint Michael the Archangel

San Miguel Arcangel he is a righteous saint, he is considered the protector by nature of the human race and of the universal doctrine of the Church on earth.

This powerful omnipotence defeated Lucifer in battle proving that the force of goodness has an advantage over currents belonging to evil.

  • His name in Hebrew means who how god.

Representation of the Warrior San Miguel Arcangel

Archangel Michael

This is represented wearing armor Roman general, in his hand he carries a spear or sword with which he banishes a demon to hell, an entity that can be immortalized through a dragon.

Archangel Michael He was baptized as the prince of the heavenly militia, he is therefore the saint in charge of leading the command of angels that fight to overthrow the forces of evil and safeguard the innocent from danger.

His holiday It is celebrated on September 29 and, failing that, a commemoration is held on the day of its appearance on May 8.

This saint belonging to the Catholic Church is identified with the colors blue and red, wearing a tunic in which he shows these colors.

Requests and requests to Saint Michael The Guardian Angel!

One of the main virtues that San Miguel brings is the courage and faith that are needed to overcome difficult times, those in which luck does not smile.

Moment in which it offers its heavenly light to guide those who are suffering from deficiencies of all kinds on a safe path.

Archangel michael He vigorously fights pride and abuse of power, defects of which he helps to shed through faith.

Sometimes students beg him for intelligence to successfully beat school subjects.

Sunday is the day of the week destined to venerate said Archangel, this being the opportune moment to ask him in prayer to intercede and pour out justice on the disadvantaged and defenseless souls.

  • This supplication can be made with the help of his prayer which is invoked by lighting a white, blue or red candle.

Prayer of protection to Saint Michael the Archangel

San Miguel Arcangel,

Defend us in battle.

Be our protection

Against the wickedness and snares of the devil.

God restrain him, we ask supplicants,

And you Prince of the Heavenly Militia,

Throw to hell with divine power

Satan and the other evil spirits

That are scattered around the world

For the perdition of souls.


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