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Saint Lazarus and his powerful Prayer for protection and prosperity in life

Prayer for protection and prosperity of Saint Lazarus

This is a powerful appeal to Saint Lazarus, together with the cult of Babalú Ayé in Santeria, to ask for his sacred protection.

And it is that Saint Lazarus is the protector of the poor and the helpless, of the sick and of the animals.

In the eternal syncretism that fills the culture and beliefs in Cuba, the figure of this Catholic saint is linked to that of the Orisha representative of diseases and plagues in the Yoruba religion, Babalú Ayé.

The cult of both deities, united in a single celebration, is one of the oldest and most popular ceremonies on the Island.

  • Fundamentally December 17, a day dedicated to celebrating the saint-Orisha and fulfilling promises that were made, an immense mass is held that welcomes thousands of believers in the sanctuary located in El Rincón, in Havana.

How is devotion to San Lázaro and Babalú Ayé paid in Cuba?

Catholics and practitioners of the Yoruba religion come together every December 17 to celebrate the figure of two religions.

Some come to fulfill promises that consist of offerings of food, candles, flowers, but also corporal punishment and flogging in order to show gratitude and devotion.

And so there are many who are grateful for how these powerful deities did the miracle and saved them, so that day hundreds of promises are fulfilled and the blessings are appreciated.

Prayers are dedicated to the Holy Orisha to:

  • health issues, which are always the most urgent
  • need for prosperity and economic advancement
  • protection issues and help in difficult times
  • prayers to heal sick pets
  • desperate and impossible requests.

Saint Lazarus, who knows what it is to suffer from a death disease and even died and lived the resurrection, is the saint indicated to protect and save us in any type of situation.

To him we dedicate prayers that arise from the depths of our faith, with sincerity and great devotion, so that he will listen to us and come to our aid.

The Prayer for protection and prosperity of Saint Lazarus

We now share a prayer to ask San Lázaro and Babalú Ayé for their protection and help.

Saint Lazaro Blessed, my orisha Babalú Ayé, owner of the body and mind, you who do not allow your devotees to be defeated by shadows and evils, take care of us.

You, protector of all, who prevent us from falling into dilemmas, illness and defeat.

Today sir, savior from evil, I come to ask for your sacred protection.

Let my health be optimal in these difficult times,

And keep adversities and evil entities from my home out of my way.

Saint Lazarus blessed, I know your immense power and I come to beg you to touch and protect my family in this hour of need.

Bless us with your holy hands and remove from us all ailments, all dangers and all evils, also give our home luck, abundance and prosperity.

In order to worship you together with our Father in well-being and faith.

Saint Lazarus, protect us in these moments that we pass through. Amen.

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