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Complete Prayer of Saint Francis before the Christ of San Damiano

Prayer of Saint Francis before the crucifix of San Damiano

Here are the words of the Poor Lady, Santa Clara to refer to Saint Francis of Assisi:

"The Son of God has made himself a path for us, and that path has been shown and taught to us, by word and example, by our father Saint Francis, his true lover and imitator."

St. Francis of Assisi He was a man consecrated to God, who abandoned his wealth to become his most faithful servant, he became so charitable and humane that he could quickly win the hearts of the poor and rich alike, because in his eyes there were no distinctions for children of God.

The legacy of this monk is still valid today in the hearts of all human beings that:

  • They act kindly
  • offer without having to receive something in return,
  • they know how to sacrifice themselves for those they love and
  • see in God salvation and consolation for all ills. 

The following prayer honors with faith to the monk Franciscan to continue his legacy of devotion and faith to God.

Prayer of Saint Francis before the crucifix of San Damiano

From the heart and with humility, make this beautiful Saint Francis of Assisi prayer as a show of faith, you can light a white or green candle in his name.

High and glorious God,

Illuminate the darkness of my heart

And give me straight faith, certain hope and perfect charity, sense and knowledge, Lord,

So that I fulfill your holy and truthful commandment.

St. Francis of Assisi

Before the crucified and glorious Christ, in the hermitage of San Damián, prayed brother Francisco

Before the Christ with the big eyes and open gaze, born of tenderness, a cascade of messages... Francisco prayed.

In the silence stripped of the place, he felt himself being watched, questioned by eyes that look into the depths.

A desire arose in her soul, and she wanted to dwell in that same hermitage, day and night, to return to meet that Lord who transforms and falls in love.

I prayed this way...

Oh Supreme and glorious God!...

Oh Supreme and glorious God!...

Oh Supreme and glorious God!...

You scrutinize me and know, from afar you already know my thought, my emptiness and my desire, my restlessness and my brokenness...

You cover me with your creative hand, in your shadow I wake up every day, in your palm I rest every night.

You knitted me in my mother's womb, my embryo saw your eyes.

Wonderfully, you formed me, you inscribed me in the book of life.

You narrow me from behind and in front with your hug of compassion and sincere love.

All my paths are familiar to you, my steps are in your presence.

Oh Supreme and glorious God!...

You seduce me with your enveloping gaze, a cloak of compassion and beauty.

But look how poor and useless I am.

Illuminate the darkness of my heart

Illuminate what is hidden from you and me, so that I find you in the depths of my being.

Illuminate my eyes to see, beyond the shapes and colors that you created, your beautiful face, image of the invisible God.

Lamps are your eyes, your frank and direct look, it is flame and cautery and give me straight faith, certain hope and perfect charity, sense and knowledge, Lord, so that I never stop adoring, praising and listening to you, nor stop venerating you in the brothers and in all creatures.

Open my spiritual senses to the perception of knowledge that gives life, so that my spirit learns to see you, desire you, believe in your love in any form….

Open my ears to hear the whisper of your voice, Voice of the Beloved!

Open my sense to perceive the perfume of your Word, to fill my glass with the essence of your commands.

Open my senses to touch the splendor of your glorious Body, at the table of the Eucharist, tasty bread that nourishes and saves, and in the passion of the world.

Oh Supreme and glorious God!...

So that I fulfill your holy and true commandment.

Because obedience is the meeting point between earth and heaven, and between all those who seek you and walk towards you.

And the Lover did not want to know what rest is, he remained a prisoner of those eyes until he reached the likeness.

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