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Do you know the Prayer to Saint Luis Beltrán that heals all evil and protects?

Prayer of Saint Luis Beltrán that heals all evil

Before any ailment, evil eye or suspicion of witchcraft, the presence of San Luis Beltrán, holy protector against these evils, is implored.

This saint is invoked through his prayer, a tool that effectively removes multiple evils.

The Evil Eye is a curse that springs from the gaze.

The evil eye It is a variant of sorcery that some people consciously or unconsciously emit through the energy that springs from their gaze.

With this action, they charge those affected with negative energies, obscuring their aura, which is popularly known under the phrase:

"The person is withered"

Due to this phenomenon, in Cuba there is a belief that newborns should not be celebrated or observed while they sleep by people outside the home.

The evil eye is linked to envy and other negative feelings, against this curse there are some very effective antidotes among which are the invocation of the Prayer of San Luis Beltrán and the use of jet and red ribbons.

Who is San Luis Beltrán?

Church of San Luis Beltrán in Bonaire
Church of San Luis Beltrán in Bonaire

San Luis Beltran He is a saint worshiped in the Catholic Religion, originally from the European continent born in Spain.aña specifically in the Valencia region.

He belonged to the Dominican order, where he professed with faith the tasks that God decided to send him.

Its saints are celebrated every year on October XNUMX. It is the holy protector against the evil eye and bodily and spiritual ailments.

The Prayer to Saint Luis Beltrán for protection and against evil eyes

The Prayer to Saint Luis Beltrán It must be invoked by three people, who must pronounce it in unison and make the sign of the cross on the patient at the time of the reading where indicated.

This supplication can be read to newborns and sick people of any sex and age.

Creature of God I conjure and bless you in the name of the Holy Trinity, Father ✟, Son ✟ and Holy Spirit ✟ three persons and a true essence and of the Virgin Mary Our Lady Conceived without stain of original sin.

Virgin before childbirth ✟ in childbirth ✟ and after childbirth ✟ and for the glorious Saint Gertrude, your dear and gifted wife, eleven thousand virgins, Lord Saint Joseph, Saint Roch and Saint Sebastian and for all the Saints and Saints of your court heavenly.

For your most glorious incarnation ✟, most glorious birth ✟, most holy passion ima, most glorious resurrection ✟, ascension, for so high and most holy mysteries, that I believe and with truth, I pray with divine majesty, putting your most holy mother our advocate, free, You heal this afflicted creature of this disease.

Amen Jesus.

Not looking at the unworthy person who prefers such sacrosanct mysteries, with such good faith I beg you Lord, for your honor and the devotion of those present, use your mercy and mercy to heal and free this wound, pain, sore, tumor, disease, removing him from this part and place.

And do not allow your divine majesty, accident, corruption, or damage befall him, giving him health so that with this he can serve you and fulfill your most holy will.

Amen Jesus.

I heal and praise you, Jesus Christ Our Redeemer Lord heal you, bless you and do all his divine will.

Amen Jesus.

Consumption Est ✟ Consumption Est ✟.

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