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Against all evil: Sealing Prayer in the name of the Blood of Christ

Sealing Prayer with the Blood of Christ

The powerful Sealing Prayer In the name of the Blood of Christ is a prayer that keeps its roots and purposes in the protection of:

  • Person,
  • the family,
  • home and
  • the work of the forces of evil.

The power to invoke the Blood of Christ

This prayer is considered healing because it is also invoked to heal the dissatisfactions of life, ward off evil, promote faith, love, unity and purify the soul of all those impure feelings that cloud destiny, preventing many times from fulfilling the goals. dreams

Through the blood of the creator, a shield is established that prevents disturbances from interfering with the course of the destiny of the person who pronounces it for their good and that of their loved ones.

This prayer establishes the power of the creator and brings us closer to trusting the will of his faith and his wishes for man.

Sealing Prayer to protect us from the forces of evil

I (mention the full name and surname) I place myself at the feet of Jesus Christ and I surrender to his lordship, I bind myself to his holy will, I tie myself to the lainfinite zos of his holy mercy, I open my heart wide so that it penetrates and invades my whole being.

In the name of our dead and risen Lord Jesus Christ, I cry out and claim his precious blood on me, on my family, on my spiritual and material goods.

I seal my heart so that with your precious blood it may be cleansed of hatred, resentment, fear, anguish, loneliness, sadness, pain and all negative feelings.

I (mention full name and surname) seal my spirit to the precious blood of Jesus.

I (mention full name and surname) seal my soul in the precious blood of Jesus.

I (mention full name and surname) seal my mind and my will in the precious blood of Jesus.

I (mention full name and surname) seal my past, my future and my present in the protective blood of Jesus.

I seal my children with the precious blood of Jesus (mention their full names) so that before the powerful seal of the Creator all the force of evil may flee.

I apply the blood of Jesus on my house, those who haveabitan in it.

I spill the blood of Jesus in my work or businesses so that they are sealed and no power of the evil one can harm me. Amen.

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