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Beautiful prayer of Yemayá Goddess of the Sea, may your seven waves save us!

Prayer of Yemayá goddess of the sea

In the Yoruba pantheon, as goddess and mistress of the world's waters, she is Yemayá, the mother of the universe who protects his children from the evil that develops on earth.

To her we owe ourselves, to her divine womb that brought us into the world, and as her children we must venerate her, entertain her, love her, because her mantle, just like a mother, accompanied us.añaHe will guide you through the most beautiful paths and also through the most difficult ones.

Prayer is one of the most beautiful ways to invoke her, as long as it is from the heart, with a lot of faith and love, she will listen to us, there are no tears that the goddess of the ocean does not hear.

Furious, and like a great warrior she defends us from evil, from disease, and from the pain that we must often go through, we ask her for health, love, and all the good things in this world.

Powerful prayer to Yemayá to ask for his protection and help to ward off evil

  • In the light of a blue or white candle, we venerate her, and invoke her power, energy, and ashé to listen to us, and as a mother, attend to our pain and heal it.

At the end we leave some of the offerings that you can offer, pray with great faith, it is the most important thing when making this prayer of Yemayá, the goddess of the sea.

Sweet, sweet and dear Mother Yemayá. 

You allowed primitive life forms to form within your abode, which was the cradle of all creation, all nature, and all humanity, accept our prayers of appreciation and love.

May the sparks emanating from your diaphanous mantle of stars come, as beneficial spiritual vibrations, to alleviate ailments, to heal the sick, to appease our angry brothers, to comfort afflicted hearts. 

May the flowers and offerings that we place on your sacred carpet be accepted by you and when we enter the waters to offer them, may the waves of the sea be the carriers of your divine fluids. 

Make, Lady Queen of the Waters, that the foam of the waves in their immaculate whiteness bring us the presence of Obatala, cleanse our hearts of all evil and ill will.

May our bodies, touched by your sacred waters, be released in each passing wave, of all material and spiritual evils.

May the first wave that touches us remove all possible revenge wishes from our minds.

And whatLet the second wash our hearts and our spirits, so that the infamies and ill will of our enemies do not strike us.

QuIn the third wave, remove the vanity from our hearts.

May the fourth wave wash our bodies of all physical ailments and diseases so that, healthy, we can proceed.

Let the fifth wave put greed and evil out of our minds.

May the sixth of the waves come loaded with flowers and may our greatest desire be to cultivate the fraternal love that should exist among all men.

And that, as the seventh wave passes, we, pure and clean of mind, body and soul, can see, even if only for a few seconds, the splendor of your radiant image. 

That is what your children humbly beg you, dear Mother Yemayá.

Offerings and rituals on behalf of the beautiful Yemayá:

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