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Prayer of the Just Judge for men against enemies

Prayer of the Just Judge for men

This is the legitimate and original prayer to the divine Just Judge for men, that of the living and the dead. It is short but very effective, it works if you pray with great faith.

It is a prayer of the eternal sun of justice, it serves to dominate the enemies and invoke the great power of the always Just Judge.

If you are a prisoner of witchcraft, unjust curses, get rid and stay away from all kinds of misfortunes with this powerful prayer.

Important: Whoever brings this prayer must have devotion to pray every day a creed to the great power of God and save the Blessed Virgin.

  • You must put your name in this prayer to the one who carries it with you.

Prayer to the Just Judge to dominate enemies

There are lions and lionesses that live against me; stop in yourself as my Lord Jesus Christ stopped with the Dominus Deo (the Lord God) and said to the Just Judge:

Lord, I see my enemies coming, because three times I repeat:

Have eyes and do not see me, have hands and do not touch me, have a mouth and do not speak to me, have feet and do not reach me, with two I measure them, with three I speak, the blood I owe them and the heart I leave them.

Because of that Holy Shirt in which your Most Holy Son was wrapped, it is the same one that I wear and because of it I must be free from prisons, from bad tongues, from witchcraft and from spells.

For which I entrust myself to everything angelic and sacrosanct and the Holy Gospels have to protect me, because first the Son of God was born and you come to me defeated, as the Lord overthrew his enemies on Easter.

The one who trusts is the Virgin Mary, the consecrated host to be celebrated with the milk of the virgin breasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

That is why I must be free from prisons, nor will I be injured, nor run over, nor my blood spilled, nor will I die a sudden death and I also entrust myself to Santa Veracruz.

God with me, me with him. God in front, me behind Him.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

This is the prayer for men, there is also the Prayer to the Just Judge for women More…

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