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Prayer of the Just Judge for Women ≫ Against Enemies

Fair judge

Powerful prayer to the Just Judge against enemies to pray with great faith, in cases where we need protection.

This prayer is for women, although there is also a prayer to the Just Judge for men.

This prayer is very popular with devotees, for the efficiency with which it protects, cares for and supports those who use it at heart.

Used primarily to beg justice for the enemies who badly wish us, cases of violence, dangers in our lives, persecutions and generally prevent evils and other misfortunes from taking over our soul and spirit.                 

It is recommended to always bring this prayer In your purse or pocket, put your name on it and when you face desperate situations or anguish overwhelms you, you can read it wherever you are and ask for calm for your thoughts and spirit.

You can also learn it by heart and pray it when you need it most, always with a lot of faith and heart.

Prayer to the Just Judge:

The Holy Company of God, accompany me and the mantle of Santa María, his mother, shelters me and defends me from bad dangers,

Hail Mary, full grace, Dominus Tecum, deliver me from all baptized and unbaptized evil spirits.

Christ reigns, Christ defend me from evil dangers, the Lord and just individual son of the Virgin Mary, the one who was born on that solemn day, that I cannot be killed, nor that they want me evil.

"Have eyes and do not see me, hands do not touch me, iron do not hurt me, knots do not tie me"

God told Libon, that with three nuts they could not harm me, neither you nor any person who brought it with him and defends you, even if you do not say it, Amen, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Dominus Tecum Verbum Carum.

Holy Mary pious, mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, you entered Mount Tartarus, the great serpent you found; You tied it with the girdle, you sprinkled it with holy water hyssop, you took it out of the world.

Soften the hearts of my enemies, let them have eyes and do not see me, feet and do not catch me, hands do not touch me, iron do not hurt me, knots do not tie me, by the three swords of Saint Julian they are defeated, with the milk of the Virgin they are sprinkled, in the Holy Sepulcher they are buried.


Jesus, Mary and Joseph, three Our Fathers to the death and passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayer to the Holy Shirt:

This is the prayer of the Holy Shirt, the one of the son of the living God, the one that I wear against my enemies.

Have eyes and do not see me, feet and do not reach me, hands and do not touch me, iron do not hurt me, knots do not tie me,

For the three crowns of the Patriarch Saint Abraham, here I offer a prayer in union with my person, that my enemies come so meek to me, as was the Lord Jesus Christ to the stake of the cross.

Saint Idelfonso, blessed confessor of our Lord Jesus Christ: you bless the host and the chalice, on the High Altar,

bless my bed, my body and my house, and everything around me, deliver me from witches, wizards and people of evil intentions,

With three I measure you, with three I leave you, with the grace of God and the Holy Spirit.

Amen, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

If you want to continue praying to achieve peace in your life, ward off curses and everything that mayañaIf we don't want to disturb our soul, mind and spirit, I recommend this powerful prayer to the Angel of despair.

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