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Prayer of Forgiveness through the Blood of Christ Cleanse our faults!

Prayer of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the virtues professed by the Catholic faith, which was instilled through the image of their redeemer.

With forgiveness the spirit rises to unattainable levels of improvement, the human being leaves behind the past growing as a person and evolving in the faith of love for others as well as oneself.

By raising the biblical teachings that collect numerous sacrificial passages, where forgiveness and change were the standards that led the Christian people to victory.

What meaning does the Prayer of forgiveness have?

Pride as the first and magnanimous capital sin it skews man by showing him that his existence and virtues are greater and more sacred than those of any human being.

Sin of the one who frees the prayer of forgiveness, a prayer that reminds us that we are mortal, that we make mistakes, but that God will always be there for us, to guide us on the right path and to teach us that the change towards a better and happier destiny is possible.

Change is possible with faith and will!

Many people assure that change does not exist, but I dare to humbly refute that criterion, because with faith and will we can improve and make our destiny a more certain future and closer to happiness and the action of being comforted in faith and in the teachings of good.

Change will always be difficult and on the way to the search for better and new horizons, the human being will be tempted, being the resistance to return to the past the litmus test that defines whether or not one wants to sincerely find the redemption of sins.

Powerful prayer of Forgiveness and Liberation

I appropriate the word that says there is redemption in his blood.

Lord I want you to redeem me at this hour, forgive me for distancing myself from you with my attitudes, I want to abandon this life that I have led until today, I accept the promise that says: but if we live in the light, just as God is in the light, then there is union between us, and the blood of your son Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin, that is why I recognize that I am a sinner and I repent of all the faults committed until today.

Seal me with your blood, remove from your presence all evil that I have committed before you doing what you do not like, thank you for your liberating blood. Amen.

Saints who protect our steps and decisions:

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