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With this Saturday Prayer I ask God for many blessings and love

Saturday prayer

Saturday comes into our lives and it is the perfect time to surrender to the love of the Lord, may the infinite light of goodness of God cover us and protect us with his incomparable love and may make our families happier, more grateful and blessed through this prayer.

Prayer to have a happy and grateful Saturday

Good morning beloved and merciful father, how beautiful it is to be at home, thank you for the gift of life, allow me to be before you in this beautiful mañana saturday

Today Lord I want to ask your forgiveness for what I have done wrong and for my actions that have disappointed you.

I am human and sometimes I fail, so I beg you to allow me to make good decisions, to fill my spirit with goodness and to find yourself guiding each of my steps and actions in order to serve you and be a humble instrument of your work.

Dear God, please allow this new day to be full of happiness for me and for the people I love.

I ask you for our health, for our obligations and also for our dreams.

Lord, if there is something that worries us or that distresses us, I ask you, heavenly father, that it be you working on our behalf and giving answers to our questions.

Lord, I ask you not to abandon me at this moment and that your joy invade my whole being and impel me to live this Saturday with all the courage and strength that my being has.  

Thank you for showing me all the blessings in my life, for making me aware that I am someone who has received many manifestations of your love and that I have to enjoy them.

Don't let anyone take away my awareness of how wonderful you have been to me.

May I remember all the good things that have happened in my life from yesterday, may I discover in the present all the positive manifestations of your presence, and may I see the future from the promise of your victorious fidelity.

Thank you for listening to me, blessing me and inspiring me to live this day in your presence.

I give you all the people with whom I am going to meet today, let them be for me more reason for joy, for action, for motivation.

Bless all the projects that are in our hearts, cover us with your mantle and give us wisdom, fill us with the love of the holy spirit to face this new day.


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