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My Eleguá, with this prayer open paths of peace, calm and tranquility

Prayer Eleguá peace

To the little giant of the Ocha, to the spoiled prince of Yoruba Pantheon, we call on you in these difficult times to come to our aid.

Eleguá is known as the Orisha who opens the paths and holds the keys to the destiny of human beings. That is why his children and his faithful trust in his decision, so that he opens the door of happiness, peace, love, prosperity and health.

In these moments in which humanity suffers the scourge of wars, pandemics and meteorological phenomena, in which evils cannot be avoided, but rather learn to open different paths to transform the world, we ask for Eleguá's guidance.

How to pray to the Orisha of the roads for peace?

Elegua is the first saint to be received at the initiation of the Osha or Santería, and he is always honored first and fired last, as he represents the beginning and the end of paths.

The great Elegua is the first of the Orishas Warrior Group, and together with Oggun, Oshosi and Osun, they are in charge of protecting the devotees on the spiritual path.

That is why we call on him to ask for protection and wisdom, and face the obstacles that life has thrown at us.

In Santería these are some of the offerings that the Holy adores:

Let us remember that we must offer Eleguá his favorites:

  • treats and toys,
  • sweets like coquitos and candies
  • smoked fish, smoked jutia, roasted corn,
  • food such as yams, gofio balls, bread,
  • drinks like brandy,
  • fruits like guava which is his favorite,
  • grains, eggs and honey.

After placing your offerings, a white candle should be lit to illuminate it. You can also put red candles on it.

Although we cannot give the saint great offerings of economic value, we must show him our devotion and faith so that he listens to us and blesses us.

Eleguá also loves red roses, so decorating your altar with them will always be a beautiful show of faith and affection dedicated to the saint.

We ask the Lord of Destiny, Eleguá, to open the paths of peace for us

Thus we pray to the Orisha Eleguá for peace with this beautiful and powerful prayer, and not only for the peace of the world, that of our family and our loved ones, let us pray above all for our spiritual peace.

Lord of the Paths, Eleguá, my father, you who guide your children along the best paths

I come today to ask you, Lord, to open for your children the doors of peace, in this world ravaged by conflicts.

Guide me Eleguá, my powerful prince, along the path of faith, tranquility and wisdom, in order to change this scenario in which we live today

Allow Eleguá, that the world changes and conflicts end, help your children to travel through the most peaceful paths

Eleguá, do not allow obstacles, wars, illnesses to continue to fill our days

I ask that you bless humanity and show it again the door of faith and peace

So be it

We share some of the most powerful rituals with Elegua:

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