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Beautiful Prayer to invoke Inle, the divine Physician of the Yoruba Pantheon

inle prayer

Inle is an Orisha belonging to the Yoruba Pantheon, among his gifts is that of healing.

It is one of the most beautiful deities of the Osha, this saint is closely related to Yemayá the mother of humanity.

  • Symbolizes the fisherman,
  • embodies wisdom and
  • represents Yoruba medicine.

Inle is basically asked for health

San Rafael, divine doctor, is the deity with which Inle is syncretized in the Catholic religion, this saint is prayed mainly for health.

It is said that the religious who receive it must do so at mature ages of life, sometimes it is delivered accompaniedañaAbata's do that immortalizes the nurse.

Facts you should know about Inle

Liquors of all kinds and colors, whole grilled fish and black princes can be offered to him.

This Orisha protects:

  • The doctors,
  • the farmers,
  • is the guide of fishermen in the dark,
  • leads walkers and the disoriented.

Inle is identified with the color blue and green.

The prayer to Inle makes it clear that health is invaluable

The following prayer is pronounced to pray for the health of the sick, requesting Inle's intervention.

Through this prayer you will find peace and strength to face the difficult moments of life.

With this prayer it is made clear that health is the main treasure that human beings have and that only when it is lost is it given the value that it really possesses.

Prayer to Inle to ask for health and healing

Inle divine doctor, stay today with the sick and with all the people who need to heal their body and spirit.

Grant peace, health, seat, rest and long life to those who suffer as a result of illness and sadness.

Give strength to those who are dying and strengthen those who are recovering.

accompaniedaña to the doctors and nurses who assist them and give them the clarity of not making mistakes in the diagnosis and conduct to define.

Inle heals my family and myself from all the bad things that could be harming me.

heal the heart of the people so that envy, selfishness and greed are separated from their side, in addition to many other evils that fiercely whip the world.

So be it.

We share some rituals and prayers to the powerful Inle:

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