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Mary Magdalene the Patroness of love: Blessed prayer to conquer

Mary Magdalene prayer for love

Mary Magdalene It is a figure that appears reflected in the New Testament, it appears as a disciple of Jesus of Nazareth.

His name refers to his place of origin Magdala, where he grew up and lived the first years of his life.

  • The Catholic Church canonized and celebrates her his feast on July 22.

This saint is represented by the following attributes:

  • long hair,
  • a skull,
  • a glass of perfume and
  • the act of offering a hug at the feet of the crucified Christ.

María Magdalena is considered the patron saint of hairdressers and lovers, this saint favors passion and unions.

His virtue can be obtained through the prayer that is used to invoke his help in matters related to the heart.

Who was Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene is believed to have housed and provided food for Jesus and his disciples during their stay in Galilee.

The Gospels reveal that this woman had been healed by Jesus and for this reason she was very devoted and grateful to him.

Mary Magdalene was present during the crucifixion of Jesus giving him support and praying for his spirit.

His appearance is mentioned in the grave of his body, where he saw the resurrection of his matter.

Other sources mention her as the adulterous woman whom Jesus saves from stoning, while for others Mary was the woman who with perfumes cared for Jesus' feet and subsequently rinsed them with her hair before his arrival in Jerusalem.

Easter eggs and Mary Magdalene

The presence of Easter eggs is related to an ancient Christian tradition of painting Easter eggs, symbolizing the resurrection of Christ.

Mary Magdalene went to Rome to preach the gospel and reveal the resurrection of Jesus holding an Easter egg in her hands, the emperor asked her defiantly that if his words were true, the egg would turn red and it happened.

Prayer to ask for love from Saint Mary Magdalene and to conquer the person you love

Saints of love Saint Mary Magdalene, Saint Valentine I come to you with my love problems, I need to get the person I love so much, I need him to fall in love with me and that his love is only for me, therefore I request your miraculous help and your powerful intercession.

I give the living spirit, thought and will of (mention the name of the person you want to conquer) to Mary Magdalene who despite her sins was forgiven by the son of God, Our Lord Jesus Christ, because her faults were only out of love and love sweetens life.

This is how I want you to sweeten the love of (mention the name of the person you want to conquer) towards me (give your full name) to you María Magdalena I address with the most fervent supplication so that you intercede for me together with Saint Anthony and Saint Valentine , sublime and glorious saints who together with you direct the feeling of love so that it can attract and conquer (mention the name of the person you want to conquer) make blessed holy that the person I love does not see any distraction in another person.

That he does not look at anyone other than me, that he feels attraction and love for nobody and that he does not move away from me. 

Some rituals to attract the feeling of Love:

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